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The High Goal

Updated on December 7, 2018
Sean Dragon profile image

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


If you set your goal to find God, you are lucky.

He is everywhere. You cannot miss Him.

— Sean Dragon

Setting Goals

We all set goals that we want to achieve. Many of us associate their happiness or even their lives with the achievement of these goals. In fact, they base their happiness and prosperity upon these goals.

It is evident that the achievement of the goals has to do with the effort we make, but is also connected with their nature. There are not auto-achievable goals! We always have to work, sometimes very hard, to make our dreams come true, but at the same time, it is difficult to accomplish some of them. If, for example, I am aiming to become an Olympic champion in swimming while until my forty-five years I do not know to swim, it will be a miracle if I manage to accomplish it!

The choice of goals is one of the leading causes of the distress of modern humans.

Go beyond the idea of success and failure, these are just standpoints. Stay in the process and let the Universe handle the details.

— Sean Dragon

Most people set as a goal to obtain money or material goods in general. But material wealth is limited and gathered by few, so a considerable effort is required to acquire it while at the same time it is so easily consumable therefore it may soon be lost again.


Many others aim at reputation and glory. Unfortunately, these goals, even if they are acquired, they are incredibly ephemeral and corrupting. Youth and outer bodily beauty, in accordance with the standards of materialistic society, is also fleeting.

These goals, and all similar to them, usually bring misery to people. The difficulty of achieving them is exhausting and corrodes. Possible failure leaves an inner emptiness and creates low self-esteem. The temporary achievement of these goals that is followed by their loss drives to an even greater void, resulting in depression and misery. Think about how many people put an end to this beautiful gift called life, every day, because of the frustration caused by this failure or loss!

Success is simple! Do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time!

— Sean Dragon

The Resurrecting Goal

But there is one goal that does not have any of the above disadvantages and has only positive results. And that goal is to live my life with Love. Think about it for a while.

What is everywhere around us in abundance?

Love, because God created the world using it as the primary material. So no matter where I am, I can fill with Love.

What is it that is not subject to any wear and tear?

Love, because it is indestructible and eternal. So if I fill up myself with Love, I can never empty again, and I become indestructible and eternal!


What is this which, when I make it an essential element of my life, fills me with happiness and peace?

Is the Love, because it is our nature, and when we choose it, we are reborn in real life.

What is it that exists as eternal truth?

Is the Love, because within Love is the Word of God. So when we are living Love, we live the truth. Living the truth, we live free from the shadows of delusions, so we live happily in the Light.

Clearly, it will not be an easy task at first, because we live in a society that is founded on the denial or even the persecution of Love and continues to crucify it daily. But if a goal deserves effort and sacrifice, it is definitely Love.

So, set it as a goal, to offer Love every day, no matter what the circumstances are. Offer Love when fear and selfishness tell you to react in other ways, and then you will fill each day a little more of it. If you try it, day by day, at some point you will be filled with Love, and there will be no room for anything else, neither fears, neither egoism, neither anxiety and worries. You will live and breathe Love, and you will become a blessed and happy part of it. You will have achieved your ultimate goal, and then Love will do its miracles for you! It is the Goal that will never disappoint you because the one who knows to love can live happy even in Hell!

I'm aiming to fill my life and my world with Love. How can I fail when the whole Universe supports me?

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis


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