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The Hillary and Trump Difference With Obamacare

Updated on October 25, 2016

When healthy young Americans fail to enroll into Obamacare and are willing to take a yearly $700 tax fee for not doing so AND the bulk of the new enrollees who could not afford it, do so, are the sick and older, as Bill Clinton said, you have a crazy system. The insurance companies are responding by increasing the health costs to everyone now, passing the buck, because so many need more expensive treatment.

The first year of Obamacare was great, cheap. The second year, modestly increased. Now, just before the election, Obamacare has skyrocketed. The average increase in bills will be 25% for the next year, depending where you live. In Arizona, the increase is 110%! Why? Well, guess who lives there in large numbers, as in Florida? Yes, retirees over 65 yrs. old. The Baby boomers.

Many will not be able to afford the zooming costs mandated by President Obama and will be continued under Hillary Clinton. They will have to have even less money to live on when counting on Social Security. Hillary Clinton wants to “tweak” the system, while Trump, replace it. Would this tweaking really make things better? If the healthy younger Americans are more willing to take a $700 tax hit for not enrolling and the new enrollees continue to be the older ages with more health issues that are costly to treat, obviously, the insurance companies will want a rate increase to be able to continue. But what may also happen is what has already, major health care companies like, United Health or Blue Cross have elected to stay out of Obamacare because it doesn’t work well for them.

Obamacare relies on young, healthy, Americans to balance the lopsided equation. Yet, many are opting for take a tax hit for not enrolling. If you do not really need it, why enroll? It should never have been made mandatory. If you are make it that way, then the penalty must be a major hit, like $5000, to make dodgers refrain. A $700 hit is not significant once a year.

As Obamacare costs rise, more and more hospitals and medical insurance companies will choose to opt out. Why are they allowed to have the option to join or not? Shouldn’t the government make their cooperation mandatory also, and if they opt out, suffer stiff penalties?

Universal healthcare is a great notion but it is proving to be very impracticable. It works for some and is a burden on many at the ends of the income spectrum. Maybe we should scrap it and start over and try again? Yes, it is horrible to reinvent the wheel after it has been around, but Obamacare is a crazy system that even tweaking may be not fix. Then what?

Healthcare should always be a personal choice and not forced upon anyone. Granted, most will want some form, so let them get what is best for them based on their health. If Trump becomes president, that is what will happen. With Hillary, just more of the same broken concept.


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