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The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program could Change Your Life!

Updated on January 18, 2017

The Journey Continues: Day Three of Seven

After losing my mom to chemo and radiation for her cancer, it made me even more determined to learn alternative methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It was in 2005 that I heard of Hippocrates and now 12 years later I am experiencing all the ways you can heal yourself without taking medication, because a healthy mind, body, soul and spirit is what Hippocrates is all about.

Hippocrates was founded 60 years ago by Ann Wigmore. Years later Brian and Anna Maria Clement took over the reins. Initially, Hippocrates was based in Boston, but it was impossible to grow your own sprouts and other herbs year-round because of the cold winters. So, today, West Palm Beach, FL is called home.

This is my third day of the one week I am spending experiencing what it’s like to do things the Hippocrates way and the more I learn about living a healthy lifestyle, the happier I am that I never forgot about this hidden treasure.

Sprouts, Herbs and Spices


A Day to Learn

Every day is a new experience and on Tuesday we got back reports from the blood that was taken and the other tests that were done. We met with the various health care professionals to discuss the results and each person had a one-on-one meeting to talk about what we need to do if we want to truly heal our bodies. Since we are all here for different reasons and in different stages of health, we each follow our own path to wellness.

Throughout the day there were a variety of educational classes where we garnered key information and this was my first time to hear Brian Clement speak about why you are what you eat. He was truly generous with his time and answered numerous questions.

One of the key topics Brian discussed was something I mentioned in my day two report and that was the importance of sprouts. However, what he did was guide us on which sprouts are used for what purpose. He listed the sprouts in a specific order.

For healing and building it’s wheatgrass, sunflower greens and pea greens first and foremost. The next level of healers is clover, radishes, chia, broccoli and cabbage. For energy, Brian explained that the grain sprouts are the way to go and these include millet, quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat.

Beans are also good for energy and in that group, he didn’t list the beans you should eat, only the ones you shouldn’t and those include soy and black beans because they are too hard for your body to digest. The one exception would be if they are highly fermented.

Next on his list were those things that are good for protein and minerals and included mung and adzuki. Mung is especially good for hair. Finally, back to healing with Fenugreek, which is one of the most powerful healers and should be considered if you have crohn’s disease, type 2 diabetes or want to get rid of body odor.

One of the interesting things that Brian mentioned when the topic of mung came up was how to cheaply sprout. And that was to buy spaghetti cooking pots since they have all the holes in them.

Changing Your Life

There was so much that was talked about in his session that there is no way to cover it all, but everyone appreciated knowing that he was at one time addicted to all the wrong foods and lifestyle. He went through the withdrawal of changing his diet, just like almost everyone attending Hippocrates for this three-week Life Transformation Program. And he recalls that it wasn’t easy at first but over time as your body gets healthier it no longer craves foods that don’t provide the nutrients needed to sustain ourselves.

For those in the crowd that were just there to rejuvenate themselves, there is no pressure to totally change their lifestyle. But in that same room were people fighting for their lives. Some had cancer, others auto immune diseases and the list goes on. There were even those who weren’t given long to live by their doctors but now have hope. Then there were those who can vouch for that.

As I sat at dinner, I overhead two friends meeting who had been on the program before but what caught my attention was when one of the woman said, “I’m so happy, I’m cancer free.” Imagine that, cancer free following the Hippocrates protocol.

And what is that protocol. It begins with a totally raw and Vegan diet, but it continues with mineral baths, meditative principles, taking the supplements your body needs, exercise and anything else that works to support your mind, body, soul and spirit.

Hippocrates was founded on the principle that there is a better way. During Brian’s presentation, he agreed that there are times when modern medicine is the way to go. However, there are also way more times when alternative medicine can and will be your healer. He and so many others are proof of that.

This is the third article in this series. To follow the journey from day one be sure to read the first two articles: go to Hippocrates day one and day two.

So, keep following me in this journey of health, the Hippocrates way. For more about Hippocrates, visit their website at, or call 561-471-8876. And if you happen to know someone who is facing a serious illness, such as cancer, leukemia, crohn’s disease, type 2 diabetes or any other immune disorder, tell them about Hippocrates. It may change their life.


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