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The Importance of Positive Attitude For Self Growth

Updated on October 20, 2010


As human beings we all possess one unfortunate common tendency -- to focus on the negative side of things. Worries, concerns, prejudices, suspicions, dilemmas - we have to deal with them on a daily basis. Very often, these persistent negative thoughts and emotional states make us feel overwhelmed and unable to respond in any positive way.

This part of our human nature is in fact what makes us weak. Not only that. It makes us attract even more negativities: thoughts, emotions and additional amounts of negative energy. This is due to the fact that positive thoughts attract positive things. Negative thoughts, in contrast, attract negative energy.

Instead of cultivating negative aspects of our lives, the key is to turn our attention to positive feelings. We cannot even begin to understand how important positive attitude is for achieving success, good health, happiness (even weight loss) and every other aspect of our lives.

being happy and content like a flower
being happy and content like a flower

The Need For Self Improvement

Being positive and cultivating noble thoughts is easy to recommend, but in reality it is extremely hard for implementation. The truth is that presently, most of us do not have the required level of control over our own impulses, moods, emotions, metal awareness and psychic states.

In order to be able to maintain our positive attitude, we need constant self-improving, constant monitoring over our mental content, emotional content and motivational impulses. This is not something you can achieve with a small effort.

It takes a life long dedication for self-growth and personal development. As a first step, we can resort to reading an inspirational book for example, or watching an inspiring movie. If I am allowed to give a suggestion, take a look at Yogananda's autobiography, one of the best inspiring Yoga book of all time.

In order to get additional strength to improve our inner life, we could start practicing meditation, as one of the best tools for accelerated self-growth. Here are some beginner's tips for practicing meditation.

In the meantime, you may find the following motivational tips useful. They will help you increase your positive attitude in life and diminish the impact of negative mood swings and negative motivation.

Tips For Being Positive

  • Avoid being in the company of negative people. How will you know if somebody's influence is negative? Simply, examine how you feel, look at your mental and emotional state afterwards. If you feel drained, without energy and exhausted, you might consider changing your circle of friends altogether.
  • Identify your real friends. Even one real friend is better that a multitude of "so-called" friends that will turn their backs on you as soon as the slightest problem appears.
  • Believe in your own abilities. You are equally important as the most famous individuals and most important members of our society. Know that there are no limitations to what you can achieve, apart from those imposed by your own prejudices, false beliefs and improper conducts.
  • Never give up. With persistence you can reach any goal. But make sure, and give it a really good thought beforehand, that your goals are worth pursuing. Have you managed to identify your real dreams? Do you remember what they used to be 10 years ago? Do you still follow deepest ideals of your heart?
  • Enjoy what you do, even if you do it without proper compensation. Unhappy people attract more misery. Happy people become happier all the time.
  • Our birth right is to be happy, free from all limitations and to live in abundance. If this is not the case in your life, ask yourself where you go wrong. Where are your week spots? What are the flaws of you character that keep you from attaining perfection? This is really important and here you have to be honest with yourself. Correct them, and you will gain perfect and harmonious life. Know that it usually takes years of consistent effort to correct your weaknesses.
  • Do you love yourself? Some say loving yourself is selfish, but this is not the case. Indulgence is not love. True love is never selfish and you have all the right to love your higher Self. Learn how you can start loving what's good in you and you will see that there is no better way to accelerate your self-growth and self-improvement than self love.

Positive Mental Attitude Video

Concluding Remarks

Positive attitude and self growth are connected. The more positive we are, the easier our self growth will be. Likewise, the higher our level of personal development, the easier we will maintain our positive outlook, and won't be subject to mood swings, depression and other negative aspects of our nature. They both work in a self consistent circle of constant improvement.


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    • sunnyray profile image

      sunnyray 7 years ago from Belgrade

      Indeed it does, HameenJ. Some would even argue that our whole life is determined by our thoughts. In this interpretation, in order to improve our lives we should correct our way of thinking. Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      HameenJ 7 years ago

      This was very informative. The way we think does effect how we feel.

    • sunnyray profile image

      sunnyray 7 years ago from Belgrade

      I could not agree more! We should never stop trying, as there are always some aspects of our personality that need improving. Thanks for dropping by!

    • ItsThatSimple profile image

      ItsThatSimple 7 years ago from Florida

      I've enjoyed your postings SunnyRay! Changing your thinking and becoming a more positive person requires practice and discipline sometimes. It is difficult, but it's important not to stop trying. It is possible!

    • sunnyray profile image

      sunnyray 7 years ago from Belgrade

      I don't see them too much related. Yes, having high self-esteem and confidence will help you in your business, no doubt about that. But to get rich you would need other qualities as well. On the other hand, if your only goal in life is to make money, I believe you won't be able to keep your self-esteem high. Our feeling of worth comes from our being able to grow spiritually, to love, and to be of help to others too.

    • profile image

      Leo 7 years ago

      Some gurus online advocate building confidence and self esteem as a possible way to getting rich. I think they're both related, aren't they?