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The Insane Insanity Workout

Updated on January 25, 2012
Insanity DVD Workout
Insanity DVD Workout | Source

Everywhere you look, people are trying to get into shape, saying they're going to start a program and see it through until the end. I've finally found a program that this is possible for. I did the insanity 60-day challenge and I looked forward to working out each and everyday (no lie!). I broke the review down by each dvd that you receive and then I'll talk about insanity as a whole. Read on and then go get insane!

Fit Test
Fit Test | Source


The first DVD you do for the program is the FIT TEST. During the fit test, you will perform 8 different moves for a minute a piece. You job is to do as many reps of each move that you can in a minute. The fit test will give you a sort of gauge of where you stand as far as fitness level. It will also help you to monitor your progress because you do the fit test throughout the insanity program. Don't be discouraged if you can't do alot! You will get better as each day goes on, trust me. Be sure to write your results down so you can see yourself getting better! Remember, the more you do something the better you will get at it. If you can't keep up during the videos, take breaks and jump right back in.

Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Plyometric Cardio Circuit | Source


The first "actual" day of insanity, you will perform the Plyometric Cardio Circuit. If you think you know plyometrics, just wait until you do this DVD. During the video, you will be jumping around like crazy, working every part of your body. This DVD involves push ups, ab work, leg work, and more, all while doing some intense cardio. Need a break? Shaun T. gives you a 30 second break between each set to catch your breath, but then it's back to more!

Cardio Power & Resistance
Cardio Power & Resistance | Source


After the plyo circuit comes Cardio Power & Resistance. This DVD helps to strengthen and tone muscles. Get ready for a hefty workout of the legs. They'll be burning when you're done! You also work the upper body with weight free moves to strengthen and tone those arms and shoulders.

Cardio Recovery
Cardio Recovery | Source


After those 2 days of extreme workout, Shaun T. gives you a "break" with Cardio Recovery. This DVD focuses on targeting big muscle groups, stretching, and giving your muscles the recovery they need to keep pushing through the insane insanity workouts. Don't think you're getting off easy here though, you're legs will be buring and you'll still be sweating in the 33 minutes you are doing this.

Pure Cardio/Cardio Abs
Pure Cardio/Cardio Abs | Source


After your recovery, you're back at it with Pure Cardio. This is probably my most favorite of the DVD's. There's no circuits here. No repeating of sets. Just 15 minutes of constant ridiculous moves that'll have you begging for mercy by the end! Shaun T. has you do each move for 1 minute each, for a total of 15 moves. Don't worry, there's even people in his workout group taking breaks! Watch yourself get better and better each time you do this DVD. It's a great confidence booster when you see how much more you do each time. Get ready to sweat!

Along with the Pure Cardio, you also get Cardio Abs on this DVD. Every now and then, Shaun T. has you do Cardio Abs along with your workout. There's no sit ups involved, just simple, ab ripping exercises to give you that 6 pack you are working for.

Core Cardio & Balance
Core Cardio & Balance | Source


During the 1st and 2nd month, Shaun T. gives your body a whole week break. You will do the core cardio and balance video the whole week long to give your body a rest before you REALLY start getting into some serious workouts.


Month 2 is going to test your strength, stamina, and overall fitness level. If you followed month 1 in a close routine, month 2 should be hard, but definitely doable. The warm up is different, there's some new moves and new faces in the backround, but the goal is the same: Get into great shape!

Max Interval Circuit
Max Interval Circuit | Source


Think month 1 was hard? Month 2 really gets you moving. Start with the Max Interval Circuit. This cirucit adds another set of craziness from month 1 and is unlike an circuit you've ever done. Your body will be pushed to the max and every muscle will be working to keep up with Shaun T. The results will blow you away though!

Max Interval Plyo
Max Interval Plyo | Source


Remember the plyo you did in month 1? Well month 2's plyo is even more extreme. Get ready for your body to move like it's never moved before in the Max Interval Plyo DVD. This DVD combines the power you did in month 1, along with the plyo you did in month 1, and multiplies it by about 10! Get ready and start moving!

Max Cardio Conditioning
Max Cardio Conditioning | Source


This is like the Pure Cardio DVD in month 1, only harder (as everything is in month 2). For 65 minutes you will be pushing your cardio conditioning to it's overall max and extreme, all while working different muscle groups. The best way to shape your body is by doing cardio with your workouts. Good luck!

Max Recovery
Max Recovery | Source


Just like in month 1, Shaun T. gives you a recovery day during the week. Take this day to stretch and work big muscle groups to help repair those tired muscles. Follow his instructions to help gain the strength you need to continue with his craziness!


After completing the 60 days of complete INSANITY you will not only look great, but you'll feel great too!

When I completed the insanity workout program I felt great. I had a sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt in a long time. Completing a workout program is only proff that you can stick to something and complete it, even if it is exercising! My overall thoughts on the program were just 100% positive. I loved the program and the fact that it could be done in either around an hour or less than an hour (the first month's longest DVD is 42 minutes). I am a very busy person an I liked knowing that I could fit it into my schedule. Shaun T. is a great motivator and so are the people on the DVD's. I liked seeing that even THEY needed breaks at some point. It reminded me that they're human too and not these great fitness guru's who can do anything on DVD.

I also liked the fitness calendar, food guide, and fitness guide that came with the DVD's. The elite nutrition helped me to learn how to make new foods that i've never tried before. I did not purchase the recovery formula or any of the beach body protein products, as I find other proteins and pre workout drinks to be effective while not hurting my wallet.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the insanity program. I lost weight, saw my abs for once, and felt great doing it. I looked forward to exercising everyday and would recommend Insanity to anyone out there looking to make a lifestyle change, or just wanting a different routine. Good luck!

If you want to read some success stories or learn more about insanity, go to!


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