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The Lonely Child

Updated on March 22, 2013


‘The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved’ –

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Loneliness can be as harmful as smoking and obesity.

Loneliness – What is loneliness?

Loneliness is a feeling in which a strong sense of emptiness and solitude is experienced...There are feelings of emptiness of being unwanted and unimportant. The person suffering may find it hard to form strong interpersonal relationships.

Loneliness can be summarized as falling into these categories:

§ Situational / circumstantial - loss of a relationship, move to a new city

§ Developmental - a need for intimacy balanced by a need for individualism

§ Internal - often including feelings of low self-esteem and vulnerability

Loneliness can make one feel that 'everyone else' has friends, that one is inadequate and unskilled. A lonely person may believe there is something wrong with him or her, and that no one understands. They will lose confidence and will become too scared to try new things for fear of further rejection. So often, the feeling of loneliness can become a state of clinical depression.

So often this feeling of loneliness can be a manifestation of abuse...

Nobody asks to be abused. The guilt, badness and shame is always on the head of the abuser - don't take it onto your shoulders.

Talk, write down you feelings, share them... but whatever you do, don't keep them to yourself.

Turn it around, DON'T BE A VICTIM............. BE A SURVIVOR.

I have supplied a link of an organisation that offers help for the lonely and depressed.

The Lonely Child

Doesn't Mummy love me anymore,
I asked my Daddy, Why?
He never saw the tears that flowed
When there was no reply.

Where has my Daddy gone?
i didn't understand.
I must have been a really bad girl
All i wanted was tohold his hand.

So many lonely nights
I'd cry myself to sleep
Praying that my Lord, 
My soul would take and keep.

I never joined the other kids
When they came out to play.
I was to untrusting and afraid
And they all soon went away.

Things are very different now,
I no longer feel afraid.
Life has made me strong,
My faith has made me brave.

The years have passed by......


In the quiet of the night, when no one else can see
I still sometimes cry For the child
That will always be a part of me


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    • muslima61 profile image

      muslima61 7 years ago from manchester UK

      wa'alaikum assalam sister ,

      no not any more dear sis :) i have the biggest best family in the world !!

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      Assalammu alaikum, Sis.

      You are not lonely anymore, Right?