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Benefits Of Organic Coconut Oil ~ Cooking and Health

Updated on April 28, 2020
Cynthia Hoover profile image

Cynthia is a foodie who enjoys cooking and testing out new kitchen tools and storage solutions.

Many of you may be wondering ~ what is organic coconut oil and how do you use it? Organic coconut oil has many uses. I will cover some uses as well as organic coconut oil's many health benefits. Organic coconut oil has been consumed in tropical countries for thousands of years. It's used in Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and many more tropical locations. The health benefits can be attributed to the caprylic acid, lauric acid and capric acid that are in coconut oil.

It may seem that organic coconut oil is currently trending as a new fad. The truth is people have been using it for thousands of years and reaping tons of health benefits from it as well. Not to mention research surrounding the use of organic coconut oil has been around for a long time as well. Organic coconut oil happens to be the richest source in nature for lauric acid. Lauric acid is a proven combatant of pathogens and the research dates back 50 years.

Organic coconut oil is among the few foods that have been recognized as superfoods. Because it increases digestion,and aids in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Studies have show that the lauric acid in coconut oil improves good HDL cholesterol in the blood. This aids in improving cholesterol ratio levels.

Once upon a time coconut oil was a favorite for baking. Because of its long shelf life and a low melting point of 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Coconut oils was used in the United States and Canada till around the 1970s. Then came the propaganda against saturated fats. At that time the research and studies available on saturated fats were not as in depth. This led to most food manufacturers abandoning coconut oil. Instead moving in favor of using hydrogenated polyunsaturated oils, made from corn and soy.



Health Benefits Of Organic Coconut Oil

There are many benefits of organic coconut oil, outside of using it in the kitchen. Organic coconut oil lends itself to a wealth of uses. It is used for making lotions, lip balm, conditioners and even deodorant! I did find a few studies during my research linked to the treatment of Alzheimer's, and many speculating a cure. I found that I did not feel that significant research had been done on the topic. So I did not add it to the list. Though I do feel it is worth mentioning in case it prompts you to conduct your own research.

  • Weight loss

  • Fights yeast and fungal infections

  • Helps fight viruses

  • Candida - treats and can even cure

  • Boosts thyroid function

  • Lowers Cholesterol

  • Increase metabolism

  • Increase endurance and energy

  • Blood sugar control

  • Positive antioxidant action (decrease risk of cardiovascular disease, and skin aging)

  • Skin and hair moisturizer

  • Chemo treatments (aids in relief of symptoms.)

  • Reducing the Viral load of HIV and Cancer patients

  • Bones, helps absorb minerals to help fight osteoporosis

  • Dental care

  • Stress relief

  • Pancreatitis

  • Kidney- helps dissolve stones and prevent kidney disease

  • Liver

  • Thrush

  • Yeast

  • ringworm

  • athletes foot

The coconut research center states coconut oil is effective in fighting viral infections. Due to its anti fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. These viral infections include herpes, SARS, influenza and many more. It also proven to kill bacteria that can cause throat infections and urinary tract infections.


All oils are the same, it is ok to just buy the cheapest

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Choosing a Coconut Oil

Are you interested in beginning a health journey with coconut oil? The last thing you want to do is go to the store and buy just any coconut oil. You need to read labels and know what you are purchasing to reap the most benefits.

Organic Non GMO virgin or extra virgin coconut oil is the best for you. This way you know it was grown organically and it is a virgin oil. A Virgin oil is an oil that was cold pressed extracted without chemicals. This means it was extracted without using heat. It maintains those wonderful nutrients and health benefits. An Extra virgin oil, is an oil that meets certain requirements. It is made from only virgin products and meets specifications for acidity levels.

Any oil that is labeled 'pure' or just simply labeled oil is usually made up of a blend. A blend consists of of refined and virgin product. Usually obtained with chemicals being used in the extraction process. I don't know about you but putting 'chemicals' in anything that enters my body is not cool! Not to mention the use of chemicals or heating eliminates the health benefits. So always look into a product prior to purchasing it. Looking up manufacturer websites is helpful. They are usually detailed as to how they process their products.

I prefer to do this as it is not required that GMO products be identified on the label. My motto is 'When in doubt, Google it out!', I suggest the same if you are at a loss for what brand to purchase. I always look for sustainable farming, and look into the energy use of the company as well. The greener the better in my book. I am sure not everyone takes those things into account.

Here at home I use Carrington Farms Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. It is not super costly and has everything you want in a coconut oil including cold pressed. I have been using it for several years, and purchase it online as it can be hard to find in some store locations.

Benefits of Coconut Oil in Food Preparations

Organic coconut oil has a very high smoke point. A long shelf life, it will remain solid at room temperature unlike many oils available on the market. Since it has a high smoke point it is an ideal choice for preparing a wide variety of dishes. Fudge can even be made with coconut oil. It also adds a wonderful complexity to the flavor profile of vegetables and stir fry dishes. Possibilities are endless, organic coconut oil is a very versatile product.

From my experience with organic coconut oil, the flavor profile is light and fresh. So if you are worried about it effecting the taste of your dishes and them tasting odd, don't be. I also do not like coconut flakes. I never have liked meat of a coconut at all. But I enjoy the flavor organic coconut oil brings to the dishes I prepare. I do find that I love to cook with coconut oil. Not only for the health benefits. For the flavor as well. Making popcorn with coconut oil instead of your regular oil or butter, is delicious!

I am an avid chia seed advocate too. Mix 1 teaspoon chia seed with 1 teaspoon coconut oil for an energy boost in the morning! Try addition of organic coconut oil in a bowl of oatmeal. It will make your oatmeal super creamy and you will be energized all day! I only do this in the morning otherwise the added energy boost may have you up very late!

Oil extraction

All oils are extracted the same way

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Cynthia Hoover


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