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How to Escape Panic Attacks

Updated on January 23, 2021

What is a Panic Attack?

A panc attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that causing your body to have physical reaction. Panic attacks can come suddenly and be frightening for the person having the. When you have an attack your having a heart attack or, even dying.

Panic attacks are an intense and irrational fear of death. They can happen at anytime. When your walking your dog, driving or , even while you are sleeping. Many people who experience these attacks may just have one or, maybe two experiences then symptoms will disappear. For others it may reappear becoming more frequent and server causing a panic disorder.

What causes panic attacks?

What triggers a panic attack?

There can be a variety of triggers for an attack. Usually it can be triggered from an extreme stressful situation. People who have depression or, suffer from anxiety can be more prone to having an attack .


Panic attacks can come suddenly with no warning. They happen at anytime and having many variations but, symptoms can peak within minutes. They can last for a couple of seconds or several minutes depending on the serverty of the situation.

Panic attacks can typically include these symptoms:

  • Fear of loss of control or death
  • Short of breath or, trouble swallowing
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Chills
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Chest pain
  • Numbness or tingling sensations

The worst thing that happens is you fear this will happen again. You may be so much in fear that its all you think about. Which is what happen to me.

My personl story

My story began when I had a horrible day at work. Its started fine until my co worker came in and started complaining about the smallest thing. After having a tall talk with her I was made to feel incompetent, and not good enough. Which completely ruined my day. I felt so broken down and useless.

Later on that night after going to sleep at 1 am . I woke up an hour later in panic. My teeth were chattering, heart racing, I was even mouthing something I couldn't understand. A splashed water on my face and assumed I had a bad dream. That was until I couldn't breath and felt as if I were dying. I even thought about dialing 911. Until I realized was going on. I got to bed and said prayer while taking deep breath until I finally calmed down.

This went on for 6 days in a row even with anxiety medication and so meditation. Until I finally told myself " l'm stronger than this and I will let this defeat me". I finally got to speak with my co worker and told her how I felt, and she doesn't get to treat anyone that way. After that day I have not have an attack since. I refuse to give anyone the power to make me feel that way ever again.

Who is in higher risk for panic attacks or panic disorders

Its not know what causes a panic attack or disorder but some factors may put certain people in a higher risk

  • Genetics can play a factor
  • Mayor stress
  • Sensitive to stress or negative emotions
  • Certain changes in how your brain functions

These is true in my case because I have suffered from both anxiety and depression over the years so it hit me harder then it would someone else.

When to seek help

Its very important to know the difference between a panic attack that last a few days and a panic disorder. A panic disorder can be more severe and more frequent. If a panic attack is left untreated the symptoms can get severely worse. It can even start affecting your everyday life. Its important to see a doctor if your symptoms progress.

Prevention and Maintaining

Its best to stay positive and be productive when you have these attacks although thats hard to do. Distracting yourself with calming and relaxing activities can help manage symptoms.


  • daily exercise
  • maditation
  • healthy eating
  • lots of water
  • medication if needed
  • avoid high stress situations
  • therapy
  • take deep breaths

In closing its important to knows all the options available when experiencing a panic attack. Maintaining a good life balance and manage stress can help reduce the chances of a panic attack . It may not prevent them completely but, it can reduce symptoms or, the severity of the attack. It's important to always consult your medical professional when experiencing a panic attack.


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