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The Peas Attacked Me!

Updated on May 11, 2011

Are people too quick to sue others?

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Personal Injury

An acquaintance of mine told me about an “accident” she was involved in at her local grocery store last week. While she was searching for a box of frozen corn, a box of frozen peas fell and hit her shoulder. Thinking me a wise person and believing that I cared to know her story in the first place, she asked me a couple of her burning questions. Did I think she should have told the manager and filled out an accident report? Did I think that she should go back to the store, file a report and casually tell them that she may sue? Being the sarcastic person that I am, I told her that it was probably someone’s way of telling her that she should eat more green vegetables. Our conversation ended there.

As I was only half listening to her, her questions didn’t quite register until now. After some contemplation, they have now registered. I think I might drop her an e-mail later.

In my opinion, Pea Lady, should have found an employee and alerted them to what happened. In turn, the employee should have told his boss who, having any common sense, would have given her some ice to put on her shoulder and given her an accident form to fill out. From there, the boss should have called her the following day to check up on her. If Pea Lady was truly wounded, she should have gone to see a doctor and been diagnosed. Depending on if the peas were displayed in an unsafe manner or if Pea Lady may have unknowingly knocked the peas off herself, the medical bill should be paid accordingly. However, a week later, this store would be insane to listen to her. A week is long enough for even the least imaginative person to make up a story. Had she felt wronged, she should have contacted the store immediately. She waited too long.

Why are people always looking for a reason to sue? The word “sue” seems to be the word on everyone’s lips. Our economy is rotten and people are doing anything to make money. Are we compromising our morals for dough? Is it possible that all of these people have a solid case? The more lawsuits I hear about the more afraid I am to interact with people. It’s too risky to live your life nowadays. The world is becoming one great, big lawsuit.

Though I wish Pea Lady no harm, I wish that she and the rest of the people itching to sue would take some responsibility for their role in an incident. Accidents happen every day. We cause the bulk of them through our own carelessness. Let’s stop seeking to price our pain and start looking for a way to prevent these things from happening. Others’ misfortune/mistake doesn’t have to be our payday.


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