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The Problem with Drinking Alcohol And The Impact On Exercise

Updated on August 21, 2014

Exercise and Alcohol Do Not Mix

Going out and having a great time visiting free museums, visiting events, going to festivals and different attractions is great. However if you do not keep fit and active you will be unable to do all the wonderful things in London and around the world that you want to do. Alcohol has a negative impact on our exercise regime and we should consider how much we consume in order to stay fit and healthy.

Studies have shown that alcohol use is the most used drug among athletes and the general population that exercise. Many of us think nothing of going for a drink or purchasing alcohol to consume at home. After-work drinks are also the norm in many countries and this, for most, is not considered detrimental. However, have you ever considered the impact of alcohol on your body when you are endeavouring to exercise and lose or maintain weight? A few glasses of wine, cocktails or pints can do a lot more harm to your exercise routine than you could ever imagine.

Without Alcohol!

Bend over backwards without alcohol. Exercise without alcohol!
Bend over backwards without alcohol. Exercise without alcohol!

Urine Loss equals Dehydration

Studies have indicated that the consumption of alcohol can lead to a deterioration in the body's ability to function at its optimum during exercise. Issues such as reduced fat reduction, blood circulation and energy supply to muscles are all related to consumption of too much alcohol.

Alcohol and our Blood Vessels

Alcohol has a negative impact on the circulatory system. Alcohol is a chemical substance that can cause widening of blood vessels. When vessels near the skin enlarge the skin becomes warm and this results in the sweat gland producing more sweat. When you exercise you need to be hydrated, if you are continually sweating and urinating due to alcohol consumption your exercise routine will be impaired. When you exercise you need to have a constant flow of nutrients and oxygen circulating throughout your body in order for your muscles to benefit - the impact of sweating and urinating means that you will not. The long term issues of this could mean that you damage muscle cells and are unable to train regularly as you have to wait for your muscles to repair.

The consumption of alcohol on a daily basis will eventually make you gain excess weight. The British Health Authority has stated that one pint of beer 5 times a week is the equivalent of eating 220 doughnuts over a year! Alcohol has a lot of hidden calories - due to the high sugar content. This does not help you when you are trying to be fit and stay trim.

Don't over exercise your liver and kidneys

Alcohol makes you urinate more, it's a diuretic. Alcohol forces the kidneys to produce more urine than is needed. Thus you end up urinating more.

Your liver has to work very hard to detoxify your body after drinking alcohol. The impact on your liver over time can impair its function and cause liver disease.

Alcohol will not allow you to burn fat!

Exercise is about burning fat and getting physically stronger and fitter, however, when you consume alcohol you reduce your body's function to burn fat as you are unable to train for as long as you need more time to recover, you feel weaker as your body's supply of glucose is inhibited. Even your motivation for exercise can be reduced as your brain becomes slower and you feel less inclined to do any physical activity as your body feels dehydrated and sluggish.

How Often?

How Often Do You Drink Alcohol The Day Before You Exercise?

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Don't let alcohol get in the way of your exercise. Give that beer to someone else.
Don't let alcohol get in the way of your exercise. Give that beer to someone else.

If you must drink!

1: Try not to drink before or after exercising

2: Reduce your consumption of alcohol

3: Drink water as well as alcohol to reduce the impact and amount you drink

4: Set yourself a limit per week and stick to it

Know your Kidneys, Liver and Muscles

Fights infection
Produces Urine
Helps You lift Heavy Object
Gets Rid of Waste Products
Removes Toxin
Pumps Blood Through Your Body
Turns Food to Energy
Cleans Your Blood
You Have More Than 600 Muscles

Alcohol and Exercise

You will feel stronger and better exercising with no alcohol in you system!
You will feel stronger and better exercising with no alcohol in you system!

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