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12 Health Issues That can be Healed By Water

Updated on April 17, 2015
Rubbermaid -White Ice Cube Tray, 16 cube trays (Pack of 2)
Rubbermaid -White Ice Cube Tray, 16 cube trays (Pack of 2)

Ice can enhance the taste of water, seeing as we as people pick up all the impurities in it and as a result it doesn't always taste good to us.


Over the years, I’ve discovered for myself the wonderful healing power of water. It’s nature’s healing potion or cure-all, and I attribute many of my recoveries from certain conditions to it.

Below are some of the things that I’ve found that water has an easy time dealing with.

There are different ways to use water for these healing effects. One way is to drink plenty of it, the other is to submerge yourself in it, and the other is just to be near it.


For years I suffered with acne and all sorts of unsightly facial manifestations.

After trying out many different things like lotions, tablets and other things, I found that in the end, water was the best medicine.

Not only is it good to drink plenty of water during the course of the day to flush out all the toxins in your body, but going in the pool is also good as it kills bacteria, and it’s the bacteria in sweat and so on that cause spots in the first place. It must be said though that you shouldn't overdo washing of the face, as this may well make things worse.

If you can't stand the taste of water, try putting ice cubes in it or putting it in the fridge so it gets cold first.

Constipation & diarrhea

You might have to drink a lot of water if you can’t go; this and eating fruit helps.

When you have a motion, drinking a lot of water is supposed to be good for replenishing all the lost salts in the body.


One time at school, even though it was hilarious from the sidelines to watch, a girl suddenly collapsed during a race on sports day. They immediately rushed over to stop her from being trampled and got her to the recovery tent, where they made her lie down in the shade and drink a lot of water.

With the sun beating down and the girl possibly not having anything to eat or drink in the morning, this happened.

For more, try reading this hub.


It can be on the back of my knees, on my arms or in between my fingers, one thing that hurts like hell is eczema. It seems to affect me in spring and summer, and the irritation causes me to constantly itch the skin, consequently making it bleed and difficult to heal.

Going in the water helps me immensely with stopping the irritation and with healing the blistered skin.


When you’re recovering from an injury or you just have bad joints, you can exercise in the pool. This is done at gyms in classes but you can do it just as well on your own.

There’s more resistance in the water than on land and you’re working your muscles and even sweating without knowing it. That’s why you’re so hungry and tired afterwards!

It’s been said that jogging damages your joints over the long haul because of the impact on the ground all the time, whereas in the pool it’s denser, there’s more resistance and it’s less harsh on joints if at all.

Have you ever noticed how swimmers and surfers always have toned bodies? They’re having fun and exercising at the same time!


Going in the water and therefore being out in the sun is good for your hair. In summer your hair grows thicker and faster and looks a lot healthier too.

Just remember to protect yourself from the sun adequately.


Going in the bath and resting your head in the warm water makes your head feel so much better. The heat draws blood to the area, and you can make it even more beneficial by massaging the scalp, perhaps with a shampoo, conditioner or another product.

It helps once you get out the bath to put on a beanie to help keep the head warm, further nursing your head and getting rid of the headache.

Gargling water with salt in it is great for a sore throat.
Gargling water with salt in it is great for a sore throat. | Source
Sterimar Isotonic Nasal Hygiene Nasal Spray 100ml
Sterimar Isotonic Nasal Hygiene Nasal Spray 100ml

This is the brand of nasal spray I would recommend since I use it from time to time.



It’s one of a few remedies for hiccups; to have a glass of water and to keep gulping. If this doesn’t help, then you have to hold your breath and count to ten. If that doesn’t help, you have to have someone scare you unexpectedly. If that doesn’t help, nothing will.

Sinusitis and sore throats

People who speak a lot, like politicians, public speaker, singers and comedians, usually have a glass of water nearby. When your throat gets dry, it helps to have a little water if you talk a lot, else I find that I get a sore throat.

You can also add salt to water and gargle it for a sore throat. For a blocked nose, you can try sniffing water, and then blowing your nose in to a tissue afterwards. Seawater is recommended for this, and ban be bought at a chemist over the counter. It also teaches children how to blow their noses properly. Water with salt in it is also quite effective in reducing wisdom tooth pain.


When I was younger, I used to sprain my ankles quite a bit. What happens is the ligaments between the bones is stretched or torn and this creates a lot of pain.

The best thing to do is to put some water in the fridge and make some ice cubes, and put them in a bag or a thin cloth or towel, and wrap it around the bruised area. It reduces the inflammation and the cold numbs the pain a little. You can also go in the pool or have a hot bath and submerge the area. Blood is brought to the area with cold and hot temperatures and helps heal injuries.

FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 16.9 Fl Oz (Pack of 24)
FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 16.9 Fl Oz (Pack of 24)

Depending on where you live, bottled water may be a good idea seeing as it is, in my opinion, healthier than the average nation's tap water.



Being near water, especially when it’s running, like a river or a waterfall, is really relaxing. Being at the beach or even beside the pool can be just as peaceful on a tranquil afternoon or evening as the sun goes down.

Others have picked up on this and there are products that have been created to simulate the effects by sound. Some claim that listening to the sound of water through earphones is beneficial to concentration and even sleep, and I agree with this, as I’ve tried it many times.

Indeed, those who practice re-hydration, by drinking a lot of water, find that their moods lighten; they don't feel so uptight. They find it easier to cope. The body is made up mostly of water, so it's important to keep it topped up.


One day when I was a child long ago, I had an accident and fell off my skateboard. I ripped open my hip on the tarmac and I had a nasty wound that lasted for over a month.

I noticed that as summer approached and I started going in the pool, the wound healed up quickly, the scab fell off and it looked a lot better. One could argue that this was the chlorine or other chemicals in the water. It’s supposed to kill off bacteria, but in this case it also sped up the healing process of my hip.

Hopefully you all learn something from here, and in future you’ll know that water is the best medicine.

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.”

— Henry David Thoreau

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