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The Relationship Between Sleep and Women's Health

Updated on October 2, 2012

Sleep is one of the basic needs of human. For a person to stay healthy and active it is important that his sleep requirements are fulfilled. While we are sleeping our body prepares itself for the next day. Tissue repairs, growth and muscle relaxation all occurs while we are fast asleep.

Why women need more sleep?

We all would agree that for a family to work perfectly it is very important that the women of the house stay healthy. (I remember that when my mom was not well our whole house became a mess). Sleep problems are reported to be twice in women than in men. This is because women undergo a lot of biological changes throughout her life which leads to stress. The monthly menstrual cycles also causes impact on sleep. Women have multiple responsibilities and hence her sleep requirement is more. ( To read more click According to a study conducted in America, in weekdays, women in the age band of 30-60 sleeps for six hours only. These women are more at the risk of cardiovascular disease and increased irritability, moodiness etc. Now it has been identified that certain variation in the hormones and other naturally occurring substances in men and women define the difference in their health’s relationship with their sleep.

Health problems due to lack of sleep

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder which affects women. According to studies it increases the risk of depression. The onset of menses, pregnancy, the normal monthly cycles and menopause are the primary causes of insomnia in women. The sex hormones are responsible for insomnia and related problems in women. In pregnant women lack of sleep is also known to affect the fetal health and overall development.

The lack of sleep in also causes changes in metabolism leading to weight gain. Sleep deprivation leads to release of hormones which sends the hunger signals to brain. This is the reason experts suggest a sound sleep as an important part of weight loss program. Our immune system weakens in absence of sleep. A sleep deprived body produces fewer anti-bodies and hence we are more prone to disease.

There are many studies conducted by various organizations that women have devastating effects of sleep deprivation. Some researches have shown that similar sleep deprivation may not affect men in the same way as it affects women. One such study showed that women who slept less than six hours each night are more susceptible to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Sleep is important not only for our physical well-being but also for our mental and emotional health. A good quality sleep ensures that you wake up fresh the next morning ready for the new challenges of the day. So, ladies make sure that you have a good night sleep every day.


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