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The Secret within the Secret - Letting Go

Updated on September 30, 2009

The missing Link - Holding On

Why the Secrets Claim's aren't Delivered

The fact that a lot of people are not getting results with the principles of "the secret" doesn't mean that they are not working in our lives. They are and are a fact of life.

The law of attraction is always working in our lives, our present situation is mirroring our insides. We can't shut it down or control it.

Not getting desired results merely points in the direction of a secret within the secret. This additional secret is simply the fact that focus on problems. Then we force ourselves to see sunny shores while the bill collectors are knocking on our door.

Stop beating yourself over the head for every negative thought

This is just impossible. Repressing negative thoughts doesn't work. There are too many of them and they are too insidious and powerful. Denying our feelings is a dead end street.

The Sedona Method as key to unlock the Secret door

The key is in the letting go of the problem, stop wanting to change anything. This is where the Sedona Method comes to the rescue. This is what they (re)learn you. The Sedona Method Audio Course for me is the stepping stone to really living the principals laid down in "the secret"

Wanting to change, motivating or defeating

Does wanting to change anything really help to create lasting change? Are go intentions a perquisite for improvement in your life? Does wanting to get out of debt ever got anyone out of debt? In my experience and the results of the people around me wanting to change doesn't work, and actually often has the opposite effect.

When wanting to change actually did work there would be hardly any problems left in the world. Alcohol rehabs would all go bust, prisons would be empty and most human suffering would already have been solved. We want it to change bad enough! As far as I can see there is no advancement in wanting to change anything.

Do you WANT to get a goal or do you like to achieve it

Do you want to achieve a goal or are you actually leave the wanting out and just do the things necessary to get the goal. When you read the biography of most people who achieved great success it doesn't matter in which field, they just did what they did and worked toward their goal.

The great leaders usually have a vision, or work toward a future we all find attractive and inspiring. But it's not the wanting that makes them tick. Can you imagine JKF setting the goal of going to the moon kicking screaming about our present situation? It just doesn't work.

Personal Experience

Looking at my own life and that of most I talked about it real change comes when the wanting stops. Change comes the minute we let go of a perceived problem. When we hand it over, or some say let go let God. That is the time that abundance can naturally flow into our lives.

Actually when we want things to change our minds tell us that we need to do the things we have been doing or didn't do and try a little harder. The notion of not wanting to change, letting go of the problem is contrary to all the minds logic. When you are in a financial predicament, your mind will tell you the most dangerous thing you can do it letting go of wanting to change it. It doesn't come up with the notion that we wouldn't have been in that situation if its advice was really valuable.

Your best thinking got you where you are

The AA saying "my best thinking got me here" is true with every situation we're in and has no exclusive connection with addiction. Change is possible and natural when we let go of the problem and step into the solution. The now popular movie and book the secret is in fact telling us no different. We think about a bright happy life, and are not moaning and groaning about all problems we face.

And now we have put our finger on the difficulty with the secret and creatively shaping our future. Letting go is against our minds ingrained programming.

Our illogical Logic.

This programming works from the logic if you want to be rich remind yourself about the seeming lack of funds to get motivated to do something about it. We need to let go, or release our emotional hindrances.

Letting go happens spontaneous when the mind surrenders, like an Alcoholic who realizes that willpower has no effect on his predicament. Or the sick person who just sees no escape. When the want the pushy feeling of needing to do something about it leaves us change comes.

It's a bit cynical to become an addict or ill to see change. There is a more natural way, we can let go, release the feelings about a situation. This is a very natural ability we share. We buried it over with our beliefs in fighting to survive. But when we train it, it's comes back. We accept, let the want to change it go and stop fighting. What happens is that our mind is getting more relaxed, and that we find ourselves moving naturally toward resolving what needs to be resolved.

The Sedona Method

This in short is what the Sedona Method of releasing is showing us. No mind boggling complicated theory but something so very simple it's impossible to comprehend that it actually works. That our problems a falling away, that we are naturally losing weight or start organizing our house.

So simple yet so powerful. The Sedona method is in fact the key to unlock the secret within "the secret".


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