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The T Core Review: What Your Abs Need to Know

Updated on May 1, 2011
The T Core
The T Core | Source

Your abs are one of the more attractive muscle groups on the body. For decades companies have always introduced some new piece of equipment promising to give you the best looking abdominals.

Like everything else, some are hype and some are legit as can be. The T Core is one of the latest inventions to make a promise. Is it the real deal? This review is intended to clear up any concerns you may have about it.

The T Core is a "T" shaped cylinder that creates resistance by a group of rubber bands. It's constructed with a handle, a base, and a main rod that's practically the spine of the contraption. An ab exercise can be adjusted for as little as 40 pounds of resistance, all the way up to 120 pounds.

A user has to unscrew the cylinder to get to one of three thick rubber bands to add more weight. The base of the T Core can be removed for versatility. The accompanying DVD will show you a total of four different exercises for your abs.

What drives me nuts about the T Core is that while engaged, the rubber bands constantly rub the insides of the removable cylinder. When that friction is present it makes it hard for a free flowing motion. Within a week of purchasing I was already improvising by taking a cotton ball and wiping baby oil on the bands.

The rod on the inside tends to jam a lot, which also is very annoying. The last thing you want while doing a timed workout is have to stop to un-stick your equipment. Outside of these two frictional issues I am satisfied overall.

The T Core does do what it's intended to do, however. The six minute workout that's advertised holds true. You're supposed to sit while doing your ab exercise. I have never experienced any back problems, and I love the fact that I don't have to be on the floor. The T core works your upper abs, obliques, and lower abs. When you're done you'll literally see the fat being melted out of your stomach. It's best that you do your workout on an empty stomach for obvious reasons. Most importantly, get your breathing under control as you're doing your ab exercise.

My final verdict on the T Core is that you should try holding out and invest your money in something different. Don't get me wrong, the product works but it does have it's flaws. It's lightweight, concealable, and saves you a lot of time. All you really need is a six minute timer and you can get the abs you want. If you're easily aggravated then consider the friction problems I addressed above. I'll continue to use my T Core for now, because after all it's much better than doing sit ups and crunches. When I discover a better option I may go with it. Don't worry, I'll be sure to write a review on that to.


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