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The Top 5 Reasons Why an Aromatherapy Massage Offers a Must Try Experience

Updated on September 28, 2015

When I see or hear the word “massage” I can’t help but thinking of a nice relaxing moment, where I get to just sit, doing nothing except enjoying all kinds of oils and hand maneuvers on my body. I just melt when I’m being massaged and I haven’t yet met the person who doesn’t like a good, relaxing massage as well.

Because of the essential oils’ properties, the aromatherapy is well-known for its benefits on the human body and mind. And when paired with a massage its efficiency is improving a lot more.

In this article you will be able to find out about aromatherapy and the massage techniques that accompany this type of natural therapy and you will also get to read about the 5 most beneficial advantages and reasons to try an aromatherapy massage.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy uses all the essential oils and aromatic plants to alter the physical well-being of a person and at the same time the psychological one too. All our senses are being enhanced by the smell, the ingestion or by rubbing in these essential oils which are full of benefits.

What is the Aromatherapy Massage and what are its Benefits?

The physical benefits of a simple massage and a room full of essential oils that you can inhale and get to feel good just through such a simple gesture, will contribute to one of the best type of massages, in my opinion.

Doctors have always prescribed different types of massage to their patients. Either they were for physical recovery or for breakdowns and stress, they’ve always been efficient and many times they’ve managed to improve the lifestyle of those who needed it.

We already know that organic essential oils are used in diffusers to alter one’s mood. And many people prefer to do so in their homes to change the entire atmosphere and smell, but let’s see exactly why you should give it a try and what are the 5 benefits of the aromatherapy massage:

1. It controls the blood pressure.

You’ve heard many times about a hormone called cortisol. Well this is a steroid hormone and it is responsible for producing sudden bursts of energy in our body in situations like severe stress, waking up early in the morning or working out.

The cortisol can also cause the blood vessels to constrict and this will ultimately lead to the elevation of the blood pressure.

But when a massage takes place and we add some drops of Lavender or Jasmine essential oil in a mild carrier oil, the stress levels lower down, therefore the production of cortisol will also be lowered, causing the blood pressure to drop as well.

2. It enhances the psychological well-being.

Massages and essential oils like Rose and Neroli have the capacity of reducing depression, anxiety and sadness in general by increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine.

These hormones, together with endorphins and oxytocin are the ones held responsible for the general happiness. It is easy to make them flow through your body, and that is why aromatherapy massage works so well. After such a massage you’ll always feel more positive and light.

3. It acts as a natural immune system booster.

A relaxing massage can stimulate the production of the leucocytes, or better known as white blood cells. They protect the body against bacteria and infections and they can also be stimulated through certain essential oils that promote total relaxation (chamomile, lavender, bergamot, sandalwood etc.)

4. It reduces the tension found in the muscles.

It is important to hydrate your body after a massage to help draining all the toxins out of your system.
It is important to hydrate your body after a massage to help draining all the toxins out of your system.

During a massage, through its specific movements, your muscles get compressed and they force the blood and other liquids to get out of them.

It is important to drink a lot of water because all the wastes carried out in this phase will have to be eliminated through the urinary tract. The aromatherapy massage can actually force this flushing process by increasing the blood circulation.

5. It reduces the stress hormone.

When your hormones are well-balanced, your mood will also be good and you'll feel a lot more energized too.
When your hormones are well-balanced, your mood will also be good and you'll feel a lot more energized too.

Already known as cortisol, this one is released by your nervous system as an automatic response to an increased level of stress. An excessive cortisol production, therefore the stress being present for too long in your body can have severe consequences and cause heart issues and other health conditions as well.

An aromatherapy massage can help you balance again your hormone levels and help you relax on a deeper level.

A very important fact that must always be kept in mind is that if you choose an aromatherapy massage, either at home or at a parlor, the oils used must be organic and essential and not fragrance oils!

The latter are synthetic oils that can be used only in the manufacture of soaps, shampoos, aromatherapy candles and other cosmetics and household items. They’re used only for their fragrance and they do not have any benefits on the body.

What are the Techniques that an Aromatherapy Massage Uses?

An aromatherapy massage is meant to be very relaxing, so most of the strokes and techniques used here are gentle to the skin and muscles.

  • As a warm up for the muscles, the massage uses the gliding technique. It’s a continuous, free flowing movement done with the flat palms using a constant pressure. It’s a very relaxing and gentle technique. You will not feel too much pressure and at the same time you will feel a sort of alleviation.
  • The well-known friction and pressure technique will generally be used around the joints to increase the blood circulation and release pressure.
  • The drumming movements like hacking or cupping are used for bigger areas like the back or thighs. The hacking technique consists of chopping the skin rapidly and it can go on a deeper muscle level. The cupping involves using the fingertips or the palms’ heels to strike the body with.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing an Aromatherapy Massage?

  • If you’ve had a consistent meal or you’ve drank too much alcohol.
  • If you have a fever.
  • If you have varicose veins, thrombosis or phlebitis. Avoid direct touch through massage.
  • If you have arthritic pain, gout or inflamed joints. Only massage the areas around the affection.
  • If you’re pregnant, only massage with a doctor’s approval.
  • Those who suffer from heart conditions should benefit only from the gentlest movements of this massage type.

No matter the techniques used, the aromatherapy massage will always help you keep any condition under control. If you’ve never had a full-body massage before and you’re too shy, you should know you can talk to your masseuse or masseur and lay all your concerns on the table.

They are professional people and will know how to make you feel more confident, dismissing all your fears so you too could enjoy the multiple benefits this massage has to offer.

I have had this massage once and let me tell you I felt like a whole new person for a long time afterwards. I mean I could feel those squeezes and strokes for 2 or 3 days after I had left the parlor.

I was impressed because I had never even been conscious about muscles I had on my waist or hands. But it felt very good and I would definitely go again if given the opportunity.

Have you ever been to a professional massage salon? What type of massage have you tried? I would be delighted to see your answers in the comments below because I am very interested in knowing how others see such an experience.


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    • Laura Sumner profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Bucharest

      I would really recommend you start with the aromatherapy massage Nancy. It's reaaally relaxing and pleasant :)

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      3 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      I have never had a professional massage, maybe I will try it.


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