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The advantages of being an introvert

Updated on June 12, 2016

Despite the numerous myths and misconceptions associated with introversion, it is a valuable quality that comes with many wonderful surprises.

While extraverts love to stand in the limelight and seem to seduce everyone with their charm and smooth talking, as an introvert you have just as many things to be proud of. It's just that you are naturally inclined towards different types of activities and you have different strengths that are just as useful in your interpersonal relationships and workplace.

These are the main advantages of being an introvert:

1. Strong analytical skills and ability to focus.

Because of their need to observe a situation before joining it and their predilection to think before they speak, introverts are typically more inquisitive and apt at analyzing issues and deal better with complex problems. They also find it easier to focus on a certain topic that captivates their attention and are less easily distracted from their goals.

2. Deep sensitivity and a rich emotional life.

Introverts have a deep, inner need to reflect on life, themselves and issues that they care about; therefore, they develop inner lives that are rich in emotion and philosophical thoughts. This leads them to a higher self-awareness, which allows them to be in touch with their feelings more often than extraverts.

3. High creativity and an inclination towards the arts.

Because they prefer solitary activities and hobbies, they often use their spare time to hone their creative talent and express their artistic inclinations. It comes as no surprise that many introverts have become successful actors (Harrison Ford, Steve Martin), musicians (Christina Aguilera, Enya) or famous writers (Emily Dickinson, Neil Simon).

4. Ability to cultivate close friendships that last longer.

Introverts tend to have close friendships with a select few people and have a higher chance of maintaining them in the long term. Extraverts meet more people, but are typically more fickle and don’t invest the same amount of their energy into their friendships. Introverts develop deeper connections with their friends and invest more emotion in what they regard as very special bonds.

5. Higher independence from the crowd.

Introverts are highly independent and prefer to do things their own way, refusing to give in to peer pressure. They aren’t interested in being popular or doing what others tell them they should; instead, they prefer to march to the beat of their own drum. This is a valuable quality that often leads to self-realization and satisfaction with their accomplishments. However, this also forces them to take responsibility for their mistakes and learn from them.

Despite the bias and misconceptions, introversion comes with many important qualities that need to be understood and nurtured from an early age. The many wonderful advantages of being an introvert should be cherished and appreciated not just by the individual, but also by society as a whole.


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    • Anja Emerson profile imageAUTHOR

      Anja Emerson 

      2 years ago from Europe

      Thanks, Carol! :)

    • Carol Morris profile image

      Carol Morris 

      2 years ago

      Great hub, you hit the nail on the head.


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