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The finer things in life

Updated on January 6, 2011
such innocence look at us then.
such innocence look at us then. | Source

The finer things in life

We as Americans have always been a resourceful bunch of folks. If it snows too much and you can’t get to work we clean house, when it rains the car gets all the Georgia clay cleaned off but when we are out of work it’s like we turn into the person that we hate the most.

Losing a job is no excuse to abuse the friendship with the wife or maybe start drinking A little more than usual. It’s a Dr Jackel and Mr. Hyde thing. Everyone should feel sorry for us no matter what who is me, where’s my food stamps, government check etc.

Your forefathers didn’t even know how to write much less how to get the ten miles to the food stamp office, what’s that anyway? When things got to bad at home we as kids just left to find a better life. Many a young person hit the streets in search of work, food or just a place to lay your head at night except the cold hard ground.

Things are not always as bad as you make them out to be unless of course the TV goes out and the WII game doesn’t work or something strange like getting your cell phone cut off. Quit looking for the golden ring that will save us all it’s here and it’s been here all the time while you were begging your friends for money or living in your parent’s basement and not paying rent, or electric.

The finer things in life are inside of you all along, quit feeling sorry for yourself and look around at kids and the elderly. So many young children who haven’t said a bad thing in their entire life often have the worst of the worst in cancers and other childhood diseases. Most of these have little or no chance of a cure.

How about driving by a county park or civic center and just look at what our elderly past leaders, labor work force, farmers, store clerks and many other professions no longer viable to our youth.

Young people have a special place in our history however they have been the victim of flagrant government mismanagement in terms of education, behavior controls such as in schools. Young people sometimes find themselves lost in a crowd because they don’t quit think they fit in with the other kids in school that was common when I went to school. Kids need the interaction of seeking out new friends and socialization with problem solving. Not everything your young child is going to experience in life is going to be ok. We as parents need to be on line watching our children monitoring their behavior, and most of all watching their friends. That’s not the children’s job to self correct, it’s yours.

The Government has placed such standards and conditions on how we raise our children there is little room for discipline or the home rule of law. We are all living in such trying times with crime at its highest, gangs taking over our streets because the cops have their hands tied with such political correctness. Children need a set program of discipline by their parents and the local government needs to butt out and get out of the business of trying to run our household. We all have history in our family and some of us have a more religious experience in raising or kids than others and I believe it’s not the governments business to decide how our value system is taught to our children as long as we follow the laws of the land unless the law of the land infringes on our personal liberties. Every kid needs a chance to be his grandfather or someone he or she looks up to, not the local thug on the streets just because they promise them a better and easier way of life.



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