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The Three Best Weightlifitng Exercises

Updated on October 22, 2010

Three Best Weightlifting Exercises

Exercising is important for good health and keeping fit. There are main exercises which offer the most growth for those looking to get stronger,faster,bigger, or tone. In some cases these can be used for weight loss, but these are not specifically designed for that. These are exercises that will help in sports such as football,swimming,hockey, and other intense sports. They also will help you get a great physique if you are eating healthy.These are all compound exercises which work a main muscle group, but have assisting ones as well.

If you incorporate all these exercises or most then you will see great results as long as you are of course eating and sleeping right. Everyone has different goals, but you can do these exercises with different sets and rep schemes depending on what it is.

Bench Press

The bench press is by far the most popular and well known weightlifting exercise. It is one of the most important compound movements as well. A common question often asked is how much do you bench? Usually how much you bench represents a man or woman's strength. Of course this exercise should be done with others too. The bench press works the pectoral muscles which your chest. There are variations including flat,declines, and incline. Flat is the main, but the other two are often used as well especially in bodybuilding. The bench press mainly works the chest, but also works the shoulders and triceps. The triceps are used when you press the weight up before lockout. It is vital to also train triceps and shoulders to help aid chest, but they should be done on separate days. The bench press should be included in everyones routine if they are looking for strength,tone,and bulking. The bench press will make your chest grow!

It is great for swimmers who do the breast stroke or for football players who tackle. Its an exercise that can benefit you whether your using it to aid in sports or not.


The squat is the king of leg exercises. It is said to be the best compound exercise to release testosterone and growth(some will argue deadlift). This exercise needs to have good form though as improper form can cause injury or not work the muscles as well. This exercise is harder to perform than the bench press when it comes to form. The squat is excellent for building strong legs. It mainly works the quadriceps and some hamstrings. It is said it will help the upper body become stronger since it releases HGH(human growth hormones). This exercise is rough and can often leave you out of breath and fatigued. If your a serious lifter than pushing through this exercise is vital. There are other exercises for legs, but this is definitely the best. Form is very important though and should be done correctly.


The deadlift is arguably the best compound exercise that releases the most human growth hormones next to the squat. Its an upper body exercise even though the whole body helps to assist. It primarily works the lower back. There are some variations of this exercise such as sumo, but the main one is normal form. Form is very important for this exercise as doing it wrong could lead to lower back problems. It is the most powerful exercise. This is the only exercise in which you can move up in the hundreds of pounds more than bench and squat! This is because your back is such a powerful muscle! Even untrained people will start relatively high(meaning more weight that you would on bench press or smaller exercises). Power lifters have been known to deadlift over 700 lbs! This exercise is great for building a lot of muscle. Not everybody may use this such as the casual lifter, but more serious people should use this. Form is just what you need to understand and perform correctly.Otherwise you will only hurt yourself.


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