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Weightlifting straps for grip

Updated on September 2, 2011

Why weightlifting straps are beneficial

When it comes to really heavy lifting such as dead lifting it helps tremendously to have weight lifting straps. Many people will argue that using straps is not good because it makes your grip weaker. Well it really depends on what you are trying to do. When you dead lift the primary muscle group you are trying to get stronger is the lower back. Sure grip is involved, but don't you want to have the strongest back possible in a given set? The aid of weightlifting straps is there for you. If you want to work on your grip do other exercises such as wrist curls or something. These are specifically designed for grip strength. If you are someone who wants max potential of strength on the dead lift then weightlifting straps can be very useful.

A thing to understand is that there not magic. You still develop grip strength even when you use them just not as much raw. The key factor here is that your working the back and want to train it at its full potential. Using straps is very good way to help increase your dead lift. Many times when you fail a rep on the dead lift it can often be from grip failure. You can go much farther using straps.

Many professional bodybuilders will be seen using straps. If you have fear that you will lose grip strength then you can always do raw sometimes though. Its just the matter of the fact is that straps let you endure more reps without grip failure. There are many different types of wrist straps to use. There mostly the same except some might be made better and will last longer without deteriorating.

The reason why straps help is because you first put your hands through the loop. You then wrap the tail of the strap around the bar until its tight. This strengthens your grip because it tightens your hand to the bar. You will feel a big difference when you pull out a rep. It will be much easier on your hands.

Do straps help you rep more?

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Straps will help many exercises

Other than dead lifting straps can help when doing weighted pull ups as well. You might want a stronger grip to be able to push out more reps. Again the pull ups mainly work the lats so you will want to pump out as many as possible. Straps will help in this regard as well. Weightlifting straps are also good to use in other various power lifting exercises as well.

When people tell you don't use weightlifting straps do not listen! When you work out a muscle group you do not want to cheat that group out if your grip fails. You grip will usually fail before your actual primary muscle does. If you want grip strength then you can occasionally do raw exercises, but grip strength will come from other training. If your intention is to get a strong back then straps will get you there much faster then relying on a raw grip. Your only cheating yourself out.

Don't get me wrong grip is very important, but not if your working other muscle groups to maximize your strength in them. Grip training should be separate from your main exercises. Even doing basic exercises such as hammer curls help your grip. Use straps if you want to pump out more reps on your dead lift!


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    • BlackSea profile image

      BlackSea 7 years ago

      Nice hub, great in-depth article on the pros and cons of using the straps whilst lifting. I agree with you about speeding up weight on the dead lift, or even the sumo to some degree.

    • vr106 profile image

      vr106 7 years ago

      The straps really work. If you have sore fingers or hands and can't grip tightly, the straps can keep you lifting weight.