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The limitations of boredom

Updated on August 8, 2014

What to do in the event of boredom overload

There are some people who just naturally struggle with a tendency of be easily bored. I happen to unfortunately be one of those people. I don't know exactly the purpose of boredom in our past evolutionary make up. Perhaps it's to keep us from starving. If you are a caveman ( or cavewoman) It's pretty important not to sit around and stare at the fire instead of going to hunt for your evening supper of saber tooth, or maybe your his evening supper, in which case he doesn't need to be laying around staring at the grass instead of going to find you, to eat for his evening supper. Either way, there is some evolutionary reason for boredom I am certain. Or perhaps it's not evolution. Maybe it's a newer emotion. Perhaps it's got to do with the ever growing desperation of society to be entertained. We are no longer putting our hands to the plow (literally) from dawn to dusk. Or, most of us aren't. And if we are we are most likely using a tractor instead of a mule. The women are no longer washing clothes by hand and making biscuits from scratch, most of us aren't anyway, unless we happen to be Amish. So perhaps boredom is a side effect of having less work to do. Since we have more free time than our not so distant ancestors, we more likely need something to keep our minds busy. With the not so distant inventions of radio and television, we found ourselves being entertained in our spare time. So now it is expected. Much more money is put into our entertainment than it is in our schools. And with the newest technology kids are too busy playing mine craft ( which I still don't get, pixels anyone?) to go outside and ride a bike or play cowboys and indians. With these electronic devices entertaining our brain, goes the inevitable loss of imagination. Without imagination comes the inevitable loss of artistic nature. Without artistic nature comes the inevitable loss of entertainment, and therefore we become, even more bored.

It's a vicious cycle.

I still haven't completely told you what to do when your bored. So here are some great ideas. Read a book. Put the remote control down and make a movie in your mind. Better yet, write a book, or at least a blog. Get your own creative nature flowing.

Next, Talk to someone. I'm not talking about a phone call, go to someone you know well and say hey, lets have a conversation over coffee. That's right, a real conversation without saying lol or ttyl.

In other words, get away from the idea of I need to be entertained, and get into the idea of, what can I do to be constructive, or what kind of fun can I make myself?

If nothing else, buy a mule and a scrub bored and go back to the old days. At least we would be in better shape!

I'm sorry to disappoint the bored seekers because I didn't give a long list of games or silly pictures, but I think it would help us all out if we sought out constructive things to do while we are bored. Me especially.

Now if you will excuse me I have to put on my invisible force field that can block bullets for infinity times infinity so the neighbor kid ( aka Buck rogers) can't get my new stun ray gun That I'm going to use to blow up the planet.



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