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The world of the left handed

Updated on February 14, 2011

Left handedness is a characteristic found in a small minority of population. This sets them apart from the rest and also makes them distinctive. About 10% of the individuals in the developed countries are left handed and this is seen to occur more in boys than it does in girls. There is much around the left handed that makes them feel like they are not considered as good as the rest. The word for left handed was initially sinistrality which came to mean evil as time went by and the term was dropped. The word for right handed however derived from dexter meaning skilled is clearly claiming it to be the right hand or the upper hand.

 Lefties feel like a minority in every respect as nearly everything around them is made for the right handed population. Whether it is sports equipment, writing tools, work places and much more are made for a dominantly right handed world. Left-handed people are far better at tasks and multitasking as they use both sides of their brain to perform the tasks. There are often many tasks where people have to revert to being right handed in order to be able to perform well.

While there may be many disadvantages and much discomfort on account of being left handed, these days there is also much that is different. There are numerous writing instruments available today for the left handed. The brain of lefties being structured differently makes them more capable, intelligent, higher achievers and more. In a right handed world, things get rather embarrassing and difficult for the left handed. These individuals tend to pick things which may be their neighbors during a dinner have awkward situations when trying to greet one another or shake hands.

Another problem most lefties encounter is in writing, it is important to have the patience to teach a left hander to write without asking the child to change his or her orientation to suit those around her. Writing with the proper slant and without smudging is possible when a person is left handed rather than right handed when the paper is slightly tilted at a 45 degree angle when writing.  Similarly left hander’s tend to grip quite high up on the pen and having a thicker pen helps. There are special pens and pencils designed for the left handed.


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