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Things You Don't Need To Stress About

Updated on December 4, 2012

When we become stressed, it's often caused by our work. But our jobs are far from the only thing in life that can trigger stress.

When are you stressed?

First and most important to start finding the route cause of your stress, is to take notice of when and what brings on the stress, although this can prove to be easier said than done.

During a stressful period, the body reacts by producing adrenaline, which can show up as your heart thumping quickly, tense muscles, dry mouth and/or sweaty palms.

Over time, many people forget to take note of what's going on with their bodies, to listen to their bodies. Often stress sufferers only have one symptom at a time i.e. some may only experience their heart pumping quickly, while others have sweaty palms or tense muscles.

It really all depends on your bodies make-up and the characteristic patterns of your every day life.

What makes you stressed?

Find out what triggered your stress reaktion. Was it the mail man that came with an envelope - a bill perhaps, or was it an unpleasant phone call?

If you can't point to anything physical, find out what you thought of at the time when your stress started. Often people get thoughts, have concerns and ideas that can trigger stress.

People are unique, so it's unlikely that two people can be stressed by exactly the same combination of things.

Therefore, in an effort to find out what makes you stressed, it's important to note down each occurence as it happens, as often, it's not one single factor that determines whether you are stressed or not.

Learning From Your Daily Patterns

Write down your discoveries regarding your stress in a logbook or diary every day for a week. When the seven days are over, compare each day to see if there is a pattern leading up to your stress.

Maybe you're most stressed in the morning, or perhaps you're stressed from the expectations you have of your home? Once you have discovered the pattern, it will help you to de-stress and find the route to relax.

Finding your stress factors

When taking note of your stress factors, it's important to look at your life as a whole. There are many factors that are not taken seriously.

These days for example in certain circles, it's almost taboo to be stressed over home or domestic problems. But this type of problem for some however trivial or out of fashion others may think it is, can push stress levels to the very top for many people.

Depending on your personality, this series of stress factors can put you under pressure and cause stress. Read with us and find your super-stress factors in our series on eliminating stress.


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