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Thinning Hair? Biotin May Help.

Updated on July 28, 2011

It hit me when I was working in NYC as a publicist. My hair started thinning and turning grey. I was in my early 20's and was feeling like I was in my 40's. By thinning, I don't mean bald spots, but my usual thick curly hair was starting to become thin enough that I noticed a drastic difference and could see my scalp a bit too easily. It was frightening wondering if I'd wake up with a clump of hair on my pillow. When I would shower it seemed like a lot more than usual amounts of hair would be clogging the drain.

For years I searched for a solution. I spoke to friends, several of them experienced the same thing. I heard stories of women that had children and lost their hair due to hormones. Another friend told me she was in a car accident and the trauma caused her locks to fall out overnight. I had friends that told me of problems with their thyroid and caused their hair to thin or fall out in clumps. The more I asked, the more brave women came out and spoke up of their frightening hair loss. Also, premature grey hairs. This seems to be more and more common. And, how timely, seeing as how there are loads of hair coloring products out which are cheap to purchase and easy to use. However, they do pose a danger, as there are plenty of chemicals in each box. One healthier alternative, which takes much longer to use, is Henna. I used to dye my hair to help hide the thinning. I called it "dyeing my scalp". I also tried hair oil products, shampoo to help grow hair and anything else that I could get my hands on at the drugstore.

After quitting my very stressful job, my hair was still thin. I was a vegetarian for about 12 years and thought this may be the culprit. I began eating fish, then chicken and still no signs of my hair changing. I had my thyroid tested, it was normal. I checked out several websites and they all pointed to topical Monoxidil (Rogaine). I even went to the legendary website of Doctor Andrew Weil, whose website I often visit for a non-biased, non-purchased, educated opinion on healthier living, nutrition and medical facts. He even recommended Monoxidil.

I tried it. I used Monoxidil for about two years. I hated the stuff. It's a heavy regiment and if you stop using it, you immediatley notice the difference. You have to apply it twice a day, forever. I used Rogaine for Women. It worked ok. I noticed a difference. Then, low on money, I tried the generic at the local drug store and may as well have used water. I visited a dermatologist and she suggested Men's strength (5%) and said it should be fine. I tried that and it worked a little bit better.

In the meantime, I had a friend that had a gastric bypass surgery. He suggested Biotin. The doctor had given it to him because after his surgery, he would have difficulty processing nutrients in his new stomach, and this would help with healthier hair and nails. I thought it was bogus and put off using the bottle he sent to me for almost a year. Finally, after I had tried everything, I figured it couldn't hurt. The bottle he sent was 5000mcg. (Not mg). I took one a day for a month along with my multivitamin. I couldn't believe the results. It was a miracle! Not only did I notice the hair growing back, I also noticed the grey wasn't really as grey . I still have grey hairs, but certainly not anywhere near what I was used to. I can actually go without dyeing my hair these days. Though, now that I do have hair, I enjoy trying out new colors...

If you have tried everything, or are looking for a more natural way to deal with hair loss, I highly recommend Biotin. I was warned by a pharmacist to make sure to take a multi-vitamin along with the Biotin, as the body needs other vitamins to help process the Biotin. He warned me that Biotin makes the body feel as though it doesn't have enough vitamin B. Something to be aware of. I would still recommend to anyone considering trying any of these options mentioned throughout this article, to consult your doctor. I am not a doctor. I am just someone that finally found something that worked very well for my particular case.

May all women everywhere have thick locks of hair that they can let down and be proud of!


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    • tandaa profile image

      Jane 5 years ago from UAE

      I use Biotin and it's making my hair grow longer. Thanks for the hub

    • profile image

      BioTinMan 5 years ago

      Hey Laura, very inspiring story!

      I've been taking Biotin 5000mcg since two weeks now. Not noticed anything about hair but it seems as if my overall health has improved. I'm more peppy than usual.

      Btw, I'm also using Minoxidil 5% (since last 1 month) but only once a day. After reading your story it has given me hope that someday, when I have thicker hair again, I can quit the chemical and continue with just Biotin.

      If it works, and I'm sure it will, it should be like the feeling you'll get when you are given a second life! Balding/Thinning sucks your "life" out of your life! =D

      Thanks and do post your updates!

    • Laura Spector profile image

      Laura Spector 7 years ago from Chiang Mai, Thailand

      Hi Biotin for hair, That is s a great question! Especially since many women experience hair loss during pregnancy. Since I'm not a doctor/health care professional, I don't feel confident to answer this question.

      I would first recommend that you see a doctor (especially if you are pregnant) to get professional advice. Your doctor will have an accurate account of what other medications you may be on and how the baby is doing - which may determine their decision for your Biotin intake.

      If for you cannot see a doctor due to lack of insurance or money, I'd highly recommend a visit to Planned Parenthood...They accept non-insured patient visits and are usually very affordable: ( and they will also have other information on government agencies to help out before and after your child is born.

      Also, visiting Dr. Andrew Weil's website along with seeing a doctor is something I'd encourage.

      Dr. Andrew Weil is not sponsored by corporations and has non-biased, very informative information on his website. You'll notice at the bottom of the page there is an option for consultation with a vitamin advisor. Here's a link to his page on Biotin:

      Apologies if any of that information is redundant to your experience (maybe it'll help other people passing through as well) Best wishes to you and your baby!

    • profile image

      biotin for hair 7 years ago

      hey laura,

      do you think i can use biotin during pregnancy?


    • Laura Spector profile image

      Laura Spector 7 years ago from Chiang Mai, Thailand

      Thanks tuesdaem, I figured as much, but wanted to make certain. Cheers

    • profile image

      tuesdaem 7 years ago

      1000mcg = 1 mg

    • Laura Spector profile image

      Laura Spector 7 years ago from Chiang Mai, Thailand

      Hi Joey,

      I'm not exactly sure how to do the translation from mg to mcg. I'd recommend asking a pharmacist to be sure. I would assume it's as simple as moving a decimal point over which would make your 3000mcg, but I'm not really sure. A pharmacist will know. Good luck!

    • profile image

      joey 7 years ago

      what i bought is biotin 300 mg, do i have to return it and replace with biotin 5000mcg?

    • Laura Spector profile image

      Laura Spector 7 years ago from Chiang Mai, Thailand

      gjcody - thanks for stopping by. I've gotten a couple of emails from people who tried it out and said they found more success using Biotin along with their regular regiment. I hope it either works for you or you can spread the news!

    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 7 years ago

      Really enjoyed this ...Always look for alternatives.

    • Laura Spector profile image

      Laura Spector 8 years ago from Chiang Mai, Thailand

      Good luck LindaKay. I hope it works for you!

    • LindaKay profile image

      LindaKay 8 years ago

      Thanks for this information! It is well worth the try.

    • Laura Spector profile image

      Laura Spector 8 years ago from Chiang Mai, Thailand

      Thanks for stopping in and reading. Its pretty miraculous stuff. Beans? I'll have to eat more of them!

    • expectus profile image

      expectus 8 years ago from Land Downunder

      nice hub, i think your right about biotin. I used to eat beans by the bucket load and noticed improvements with my hair and I think it due to all that biotin in beans :)