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Tips on Getting Rid of Headaches

Updated on December 2, 2014

People will do almost anything to get rid of a headache. I have been experiencing headache and migraine since my teenage years and I have never been able to completely cure them. What I usually do is to lie down and try to relax my mind until I fall asleep. This treatment is just temporary. I get headaches frequently when sitting too long reading books and when staring at the computer screen too long. I also get headaches when lying down on the couch watching television on my side.


The type of headache that I have been suffering is one that occurs on top of the head. According to research, headaches occurring on the top of the head are not as common as other types of headache and may be a type of neuralgia which is suffered by students and exhausted people to the extreme. Common descriptions of this headache are “a bolt pounded into my head” or one that “begins at the top of my head and runs down by back.” Do you encounter such conditions? The signs of a headache on top of the head could affect and aggravate eyes as well as the area around the eyes. This type of headache affects adolescents and adults more commonly. However, children can get it as well. My daughter has been suffering from headache since she was six years old. She is now eight years old. She is still having headaches but not as frequent as before. Because so much of the headache is attributed to stress, muscle relaxants sometimes prove helpful, as do antidepressants.

If you experience frequent headaches, you probably do not want to wait until one strikes to decide what to do about it. There are ways to head them off without drilling a hole in your head or even reaching for the pill bottle.

Eat meals on a regular basis. Skipping meals or going a long time between meals can bring on headaches caused by low blood sugar. By eating at regular times and including some protein food at least three times a day, you may be able to avoid some of the pain.

Keep a meal journal. Many foods seem to trigger headaches, but the same ones do not affect everybody the same. In order to help discover which food items lead to your headaches, make notes about the foods you eat and drink every single day.

A headache usually occurs three to 12 hours after eating a trigger food, but it can take even longer. Look back as far as 24 hours before the headache occurred to see what may have caused it. Some foods may be a problem when combined with other foods, but are okay when eaten alone. Therefore, it may be helpful to list ingredients on a pizza or in a casserole.

You may also want to make notes about your moods and activities. Some people find that the troublesome foods may not cause headaches except when they are under stress, fatigued, or at a particular time of their menstrual cycle. Alcohol, especially red wine, is one of the triggers most often reported in connection with other factors, like stress or fatigue.

Avoid allergens. Although headaches usually result from a chemical in the food, sometimes an allergy is the cause. A 17-year-old girl in Italy suffered severe headaches off and on for more than 10 years. She had taken medication, but the headaches, which were not migraines, continued to get worse. She realized that a severe headache started every time she went into a kitchen where eggs were being fried. Tests showed she was allergic to eggs and milk. Since taking those out of her diet, she has been relatively headache-free.

Teach yourself to cope with headache on top of head through meditation. It is easier than it sounds. When you lie down to rest, close your eyes and focus your attention on the pain. This is an area where commitment will be necessary as focusing on pain can be intense. And it can almost seem to be unbearable as you think about it. Do not fight the pain, but rather accept it and, as the process becomes easier, so does the pain.

Often, pain is the body's way of letting us know we need rest. Statistics indicate the more time we spend in rest, the better chances the body has of healing itself and getting rid of headaches, including headache on top of head. We heal, grow, repair and regenerate while we are at rest.

Another helpful method is to put pressure by massaging on top of your head and around your eyes if you experience pain in those areas. This is a common headache related condition that I often experience. Just yesterday I started massaging around the skull of my eyes. I felt a lot better soon after and until today, I have not got any headaches and pain around my eyes and on top of my head. I also found out that the pain in my back is causing my headache to return more often. What I did was to get someone to massage the pain in my back. Then, everything is like magic. The pain is gone. Although it may not work for some people, it works for me. Hopefully this will continue till the next few days. Whenever the headaches return, why not try this method before reaching for the pills.


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