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Tips on Stress Control

Updated on May 15, 2016

Dear Stress, Let's Break Up!

Many of us suffer from ‘Stress’ in our daily life due to variety of reasons, for instance - job related, friends & family life, financial stress, relationship issues, etc. Having Stress is good to a certain limit, but it is the excess of it that harms.

Stress is bad for your health
Stress is bad for your health | Source
Meditation as Stress Buster
Meditation as Stress Buster | Source
Deep Breathing to Control Stress
Deep Breathing to Control Stress

Meditate listening to soothing melodies

Ways to Control Stress

We all deal with stress. So don't avoid it, try to overcome your stress. Here are some methods to manage your stress and feel relaxed in no time :

1. Meditate for few minutes per day and focus your mind to a positive thought. Sit up straight in a floor using a rug, focus with your eyes closed. Let all the destructive thought take an exit from your mind.

2. Inhale and exhale deeply for few minutes and take a 5 minutes break and relax. Slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.Feel the breath from your abdomen to your head. Reverse this process few times.

3. Always try to share the problem or the reason of your stress with someone. You can make conversation through phone calls but face to face conversation helps to release stress faster. Its always helpful to share your feeling with someone close to you, sharing helps you feel light.

4. If you are not aware of the reason of your stress, try to figure out what is actually causing stress in your mind. Don't ignore the reason rather understand it. No need to get worried about your stress factor, you can easily deal with it.

5.Try to avoid your stress-giver. It's not easy to keep your mind off from what is stressing you. Try to disconnect the reason of your stress from your mind for some time and find something in which you can indulge in and make yourself busy. In this way you will stop thinking about the stress-giver for sometime.

6.Sometimes a stressful situation is just a matter of thoughts. Change your views about it and think positive. When you change your view points from negative to positive, you can easily change the level of stress. Focus on the positive side of the thought and try to avoid the negatives.

7.Rather than just understanding your individual responsibilities and breaking your head in making it, plan it in a systematic way. Be organised and set your priorities straight. You just need to focus on things that really matters. Being organised often reduces the risk of stress.

8.Learn to Say-No to few things, as no man can do everything which comes up. Don't pretend to be nice and welcome all duties or work and create stress on your own. Say no to people politely, exactly at the time they come up with their work. You cannot do all work assigned to you at once.

"You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway." — Steve Maraboli

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