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How to Become a Better Person

Updated on May 24, 2017
Nice picture of woman, enjoying sunset
Nice picture of woman, enjoying sunset | Source

Put In The Effort

Effort is the single most underrated and overlooked aspect on the road to becoming a better person. Simply if you want to become a better person you have to put in the effort. For you probably already know heaps of ways of becoming a better person, but have decided not to put in the effort. So the first step to becoming a better person is making the decision that you will put in the effort unconditionally.

High Tech, Modern Plane
High Tech, Modern Plane | Source

Realize How Powerful You Are.

We as a human race are capable of so much more than we were one hundred years ago. Right now we live in a digital information age. Of computer, and TVs. We stand on the threshold of an enormous leap in our evolution. Unfortunately, most people spend more time learning how to work the DVD player, than they do their mind. To an extent that the word 'impossible' has been continually tested and beaten by some of the greatest and most resilient people of all time. Feats such as putting a man on the moon, domesticating air travel and conquering Mount Everest.

Compassion For Me, Myself And I

The way we see ourselves is the way we treat ourselves. For we are our own biggest critics. And when we give ourselves a hard time, we are generally giving everybody around us a hard time too. So by treating ourselves with a little more love and compassion, we will instantly feel better about ourselves, and we will treat everybody else with more love and compassion. Which results in a spiral effect around you of everybody being that little bit happier, and kindhearted to others during the day.

Cute, Sad Dog
Cute, Sad Dog | Source

The Importance Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the easiest and hardest tips that I can give you for becoming a better person. Forgiveness for yourself, and forgiveness for others. When somebody has hurt you or in a way has betrayed your trust. The best way to conquer this not by holding on to the anger and letting it sit under the surface. Buddha ("Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”)

No good comes out of holding on to anger, the best way to solve this is through a well-intentioned confrontation, in case there is a misunderstanding, and the other person does not know they have hurt you. Or by searching within yourself and by seeing the situation in a different light where there's no one to blame. And just seeing it as an event that has come and gone, and being totally at peace with the situation. This technique can also be utilized for self-forgiveness.

Cool Kid, With Plane
Cool Kid, With Plane | Source

Time To Realise The Importance Of TIme

What do you desire in life? Would you prefer to be a slave to society? Or to live out your dreams? Everyone has a choice. Time stops for no man or woman, everything comes and goes. Friends, family, spouses, money. It all comes and goes with time. Those who are truly successful realize that time is man's greatest and most valuable resource.

And by changing the way we think about time, can change our lives. A trick that I have learned to kick-start our brain and body into action is to count down from five in my head, and whatever I have planned to do I will just start within those five seconds. For many of us, the hardest part of doing a difficult task is getting started.

Most people have a five-second gap between thinking and making a decision. And by using this trick, we don't have enough time to perceive our rubbish excuses. I use this when I hear my alarm clock wake me up in the morning. I start counting down from five in my head when my mind starts protesting to getting up and before I reach zero I launch myself out of bed.

By using this exercise, we will start to eliminate the 'BUT' or the (rubbish excuses) we tell ourselves. 'But' We all seem to have a million excuses under the sun, that we use to convince ourselves of what we can and can't do. And by giving in and sleeping in that extra hour could potentially set you back months. Because every time you consistently do something you are creating habits. So that extra half hour could turn into an extra month you have to wait before you achieve your goal

In conclusion,

Follow your dreams and never let anyone stop you. Even those closest to you, those closest to you will not always see your vision. But that is okay, for it is not their vision it is yours! They may try to stop you, acting in what they think is in your best interest. But you must trust in yourself and believe in your vision, one hundred percent! Never taking no for an answer when concerning your dreams. Do what you came here to do, become your greatest version!

Don't settle for good, when you can be Great!

Cool Old Man, Chilling
Cool Old Man, Chilling | Source


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