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Tonik Health Insurance

Updated on December 3, 2010

About Tonik Health Insurance

In this article I hope to provide my readers with solid information regarding Tonik Health Insurance. Tonik Health Insurance is underwritten by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Anthem introduced Tonik Health Insurance initially to provide a simple and comprehensive plan that would cover more then major medical needs and would include dental and vision coverage.

Tonik Health Insurance is currently offered in six states, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Nevada and New Hampshire. With the Tonik blue card program your coverage would cover you nation wide through out the United States. The rates do vary from state to state and they offer three different plans to choose from.

The different plans offered through Tonik Health Insurance offer the same over all, all around coverage. This basic coverage includes preventative medical coverage, emergency coverage as well as covering prescriptions, eyes and teeth. The difference in the three plans comes down to your premium, your deductible, co-pay and the number of doctor's visits included.

In simple terms your deductible is the specified amount of money you pay before Tonic Health Insurance pays for the medical claim. A person who maintains stable good health might go for a lower monthly premium and be required to pay more towards treatments in the event of an illness in the belief that they are unlikely to have a medical problem that would have to be paid in the deductible. It may be of interest that a deductible does not come into play until you are being treated for a certain condition or illness.

The premium is of course the amount you pay monthly for your insurance coverage.

The co-pay is basically the amount you would pay for a service. An example would be if you should need a generic drug prescription you would only pay a $10 co-pay for that prescription.

Tonik Health Insurance Coverage

The Tonik health plans are similar to most health plans offered by other health insurance companies. The difference with Tonik is that they do not cover certain things like maternity coverage or coverage for name brand drugs. Their agents are happy to be called in the circumstances where you do what this coverage and will help find the best plan based on what you need. Helpful tho that is I imagine most would continue their own searches for coverage.

On the other hand Tonik may be a good option for the interum as they do not have minimum contracts. You may have coverage for as little as a few months while others may have a plan for many years. I am not sure how easily another short term provider could be found with the choice and range of basic treatments covered like dental.

The time it takes for approval seems to depend. An application with no major health concerns can be approved almost immediately where as if you have recently received medical treatment your application may take longer. Applications are accepted for any one under the age of 65 but it is wise to contact them first if you are currently receiving treatment.

I know that for those readers who are in good health deciding to pay for health coverage might be a difficult decision to make. What you want to consider is how much you pay for the coverage as opposed to how much it costs to have no coverage. It may seem cheaper to have no coverage when your only medical needs are the occasional dental visit or advice/treatment for minor injuries such as a broken bone.

I rather suspect that for some folks the cost of having a broken bone treated or a cavity filled can get very expensive, where as for others it is reasonable. The other consideration is in the likelyhood for major medical treatments in the future. A person with a healthy lifestyle might not feel in as much danger as someone who plays extreme sports or is at risk some other way.

Tonik Health Plans

I hope that with this article I have provided you with enough information so that you feel confident to make your decision about Tonik Health Insurance.

You may decide to take a further look and have a discussion with a Tonik representative. If you do decide to contact them for first hand information remember that you do not actually have to take out one of their plans.

It is usually wise to choose a few companies you are interested in and contact them all. I personally will even play one off against the other. I like to be able to tell the agent that the competition is offering this or that, in the hopes they might want to compete for the sale.

I personally think that with the prices of health care being what they are you can't afford to not haggle, even a little bit. This stuff is just to expensive to accept without question, you never know they may offer and initial deal that makes all the difference.


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