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Top 10 Myths to Getting Six Pack Abs

Updated on July 18, 2011

There are millions of fitness freaks around the world and most of them want to get six pack abs finding tips for perfect abs or defined abs or whatever we call them. Many of them are able to build their pack abs and many of them are not. Do you know why some people are not able to build desired abs in their lifetime? Just because they don’t know about the real facts of getting six pack abs and only know about the myths, so below are top 10 myths for getting six pack abs:

Minimal Fat Intake

Not true. The level of fat in your diet should be at about half that of your protein: If you get 150 grams of protein, you should be getting around 75 grams of fat. A “low fat” diet may take that down to 20 grams of fat. This isn't good, because fat plays hundreds of roles in the body. At the end of the day, it’s not fat, its calories that matter.

Carbohydrates perform very few roles in the body. A diet low in carbs is a better choice.

Consider fat burning substances like Green tea, try hot water with lemon extract too, boosts metabolism quite a bit.

How does hot water boosts metabolism? When you drink cold water, your body has to work to heat up the water to body temperature (or so the logic goes). I can see someone drinking cold water and burning may be a calorie from it, but what function does hot water have in stimulating metabolism? The same goes for lemon extract.

Natural six pack abs. This villager has done no gym, no intentional exercise, no diet, no nothing to get six pack abs. Now Shahrukh Khan has to learn something from him.
Natural six pack abs. This villager has done no gym, no intentional exercise, no diet, no nothing to get six pack abs. Now Shahrukh Khan has to learn something from him. | Source

Tap your feet a lot throughout the day (stupid but effective)

Doing this may burn an additional 5 calories a day. Do the math: That’s 35 calories a week, and 150 calories per month. That’s around 1,800 calories per year. To lose 1 pound of fat, you need to burn 3,000 calories.

Sorry, but tapping your feet won’t even lose you 1 pound per year. Regular exercise will lose 1 pound per week. It’s not worth it.

Rub your thumbs with each other for 2 minutes thrice a day (reflexology)

I don’t think this will work either for losing excess fat. No scientific reason.

Take as many as deep breaths as possible throughout the day, oxygen helps in burning fat and deep breaths increase metabolism.

Breathing a lot in the day is just going to make you dizzy and hyperventilate. It’s not going to burn fat. Oxygen only helps burn fat when it is used as a pathway of energetics to power muscle contractions. That’s when it combines with fat to produce energy to keep muscles contracting. Just taking deep breaths will not accomplish this.

Make sure you don’t mix carbohydrates and protein.

Why? Carbs will raise insulin, protein services damaged muscles. When insulin is present, protein is more effective. So what’s the problem?

The food you eat should not have oil, butter, cheese, ghee, sugar, margarine.

Omega 3, 6, and 9 are all essential fatty acids. They’re also all oils, regardless of whether they come from fish oils, flax seed oil, or vegetable oil. We all know these are indispensable to the diet.

Cheese is a complete source of protein. Also, your diet doesn't need to be totally devoid of cholesterol, as it also serves many important functions, so there is no reason to remove cheese from the diet.

All carbs are basically "sugars". As far as refined sugar goes, this is also fine if it’s taken after a workout to boost insulin, which is an anabolic hormone. Anabolism = more muscle. More muscle = higher metabolism.

See here the medicinal uses of ghee, and remember that fat loss IS NOT accomplished by avoiding fat, but by burning more calories than is needed.

Do not eat 150 minutes prior to going to bed.

It’s okay to eat before going to bed. Carbs raise insulin. Insulin blocks somatotrophin. Somatotrophin is a powerful hormone that can break down fat in the first few hours of sleep. Therefore, you can eat before you sleep, just not high GI carbs and such that will spike insulin for a long time.

Sources of natural protein include fish, turkey, chicken, egg whites, tofu, chick peas, and beans.

Tofu, chick peas, and beans are all incomplete proteins. Yes, sources of complete proteins are fish, turkey, chicken, and egg whites.

Whenever possible, start your meal with a fruit.

Fruit contains fructose, a monosaccharide that cannot be stored as glycogen in the muscles. It can only be stored as fat in the liver, fat around the waistline, or burned off as energy. If you eat fruit then do nothing, there’s a strong chance it can store as fat.

Now granted that you would have to eat several pieces of fruit for this to happen, but knowing the disadvantage, what exactly is the advantage in eating a piece of fruit before each meal?

Now above were top 10 myths and facts about getting six pack abs

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    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 6 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      I like these. very informative. although I disagree that eating a slice of pizza or cake before bed causes no weight gain, if you had a dinner meal already. Many cultures end a meal with a fruit. I wonder how that affects weight gain or loss.