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Top 10 things to cheer you up!

Updated on January 11, 2013

Everyone gets sad from time to time. Now it's very important that you change your mood immediately. Scientists show that if you stay in this state for too long, many bad health issues can occur. Poor blood circulation causes lack of oxygen to the brain making you feel even worse. Headaches can occur, muscle stiffness, and even back pain. Here are some ways to help.


First it is extremely important to try to force yourself out of this mood. At first this can be extremely hard but "biting the bullet" on this will make you feel much more grateful that you did.

MUSIC. Listening to music is very good for the soul. It speaks to us in very unique ways.

DANCE Dancing helps with circulation, and movement of the body. It makes you feel 10,000 times better than you did almost instantly! Especially alone in your room to have a more private time to yourself.

EXERCISE This might be a struggle at first, not everyone likes to do this but it gets the endorphans going. This releases all that mental stress you are going through. Even try yoga!

EAT SWEET FRUIT Eat some kind of fruit like a banana, orange, or apple. The sugar balances you out, and it is good for you!

PLEASE YOURSELF Now this means if you are in a relationship, have sex, or please yourself. Sexual relations releases stress, and it's fun!

READ AND WRITE Find a great comedy book, or magazine to get your mind off of the stress. Comedy does wonders. After you've read it is also great to write it in a journal everything that happened second by second. Make sure to leave NOTHING out. This is very therapeutic if you can't resolve the problem, you are at least confronting it and not ignoring it.

WATCH TV Catch up on your comedy shows, or watch a good movie. Laughter today is the best medicine. Laughing feels good!

WALK Go for a long walk outside. Human interaction is good to snap you into reality. The fresh air will energize you out of the mental state you are in.

BUBBLE BATH Take a long bath, for guys take a warm shower. Bathing is very intimate, and forces you to become one with yourself. Take your time, and relax!

I hope these tips were very helpful. It is important to remind yourself of these tips because the mind tends to take over the body with the bad emotions you are feeling. You have to force yourself to "snap out of it". Also going to bed feeling like this just prolongs the process or even cause nightmares. It is also great to at least try to resolve some of it before going to sleep.


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    • Conservative Lady profile image

      Sheila 5 years ago from Surprise Arizona - formerly resided in Washington State

      All great ideas and I love the fun pictures. This is a hub that will help many get past the Blues. Voted Up and all.