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High Protein Diet Weight Loss

Updated on August 7, 2009

The Goal Is Weight Loss

The No.1 New Year resolution every year is,"I want to lose weight!" Of all the resolutions that people think of,this is one goal every one wants to keep at the beginning of the year.They are ready to make the sacrifices to look trimmer,feel good about themselves,find clothes that fit them well,nail a good job ,find a good soulmate.The real goal should probably be changed to,"I want to lose weight,be fit and healthy for life."

Lifestyle modifications are necessary to keep this new year resolution and keep it for life.Having an intense desire to keep at it,resisting your favourite comfort foods,getting adequate rest each day,eating a balanced diet that is low calorie,high fibre and low fat all help.Exercising everyday,avoiding alcohol,giving up smoking and making healthy choices such as exercising portion control and switching to low fat dairy products make a huge difference.Yes, you can become thinner and healthier and keep that weight off for a lifetime,if you so choose.You have to make that decision and stick by it. 



Tofu from Soya
Tofu from Soya

High Protein Foods

In a typical diet,10-15% of the total calories comes from proteins.In a high protein diet,this can be upto 30-50%.Some go on this high protein diet because it gives a feeling of satiety(feeling full) for longer periods of time.But,this diet has its side effects.It changes a peson's metabolism and the body suffers Ketosis.Besides feeling full,you experience headaches,nausea,heart palpitations,kidney trouble.You do experience weight loss, but you put back all the weight very soon.So,doctors do not recommend this diet.

Now,let us examine which proteins are good for us.

Beef: HIgh quality protein,but choose a lean cut,so as to have less saturated fat.

Chicken: Poultry is excellent protein especially if you trim the skin off which is full of saturated fat.

Pork Tenderloin: Real surprise here!Pork tenderloin is white meat.

Fish: Seafood is best quality protein,since there is no saturated fat.But, it is brimming with omega 3 fats,which is heart healthy and you do not get enough of this in an ordinary diet.

Eggs: Least expensive,an egg a day spikes up your protein intake.

Soya: Soy products such as soy milk,tofu are plant based,lower cholesterol and are heart healthy.

Pulses: Beans are rich in protein and also in fiber.They reduce cholesterol and give you a feeling of satiety.

Dairy: Low fat dairy products give you good protein and calcium which is required for strong bones and healthy heart.

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In addition to high quality protein,one must have plenty of fruits and vegetables(at least 5 servings a day)of different colours.Disease fighting nutrients are found in these.Cancer is prevented to some extent. 

Whole grain breads are recommended for carbohydrates and fiber.This also helps in lowering cholesterol. In short, staying healthy means eating a nutritious,low calorie diet and getting plenty of exercise. 


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Here if you want a good diet that you WILL actually lose wait try eaitng just plain old meat, fruits,and vegetables(except ones that are grown under ground considering they are starchy). Wheat is not good for you so try to stay away from bread,try to have at least one glass of milk a day and maybe a yogurt to. Don't be afriad of protein and meat because they have high fat levels fat is what keeps you full so you don't eat as much as you usually do. Just make sure you eat until you just reach full don't get overly full. For beverages try sticking to water and if you cant live without pop make it diet but water is the most important try to drink plenty of it. TRUST ME THIS DIET WILL WORK! Was this answer helpful?

    • catherine74 profile image


      10 years ago from London

      Interesting hub. Very informative. Ketosis doesn't sound nice at all so i'll have to give the high protein diet a miss.


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