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Top Remedies and Cures for Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Updated on December 26, 2010

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression can really take over some people's lives and really affect their relationships and the way they live. There are many different kinds of anxiety and depression and each could be dealt with differently. The tips I will be writing on this article are more on personal recommendations on how one can overcome anxiety or depression. These things are more of things a person can do to avoid or take away anxiety and depression. Some of them don't even have medical or scientific basis but then it is surely worth a try and believe me it could really help.

It is really all about having a positive outlook on life. So really, these things I will be recommending will be giving people sort of readiness or preparedness for this positive outlook. It is more of "feel good" tips and tricks that will surely give you freedom from anxiety and negative thoughts and depression. Most of them will be natural and can easily be done and some even without cost. All you need is to open your mind to my recommendations and hopefully I can help you out.

Watch your Nutrition

You know that popular saying that you are what you eat? Well, eating too much unhealthy and fatty foods can add to the overall heaviness and negativity in your consciousness. It is really better to have a balanced diet. A healthy body can really help you have a healthier mind. This is actually really true because, for instance, having higher blood pressure or if the flow of of nutrients and blood throughout your body is constricted then it can really affect your overall consciousness.

But I am not saying that you should avoid meat. Meat has a lot of nutrients that are also needed for a balanced diet. But then there are ways of cooking meat that can make it healthier. And of course, too much of anything is bad. 

Also, try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, too much sugar and other chemicals that can affect your nervous system. It is really all about having a balanced diet and not having too much of anything that is bad. Drink lots of fluids and be sure to always be hydrated properly and have the right amount of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C or B-complex that can really help your immune system and energy. After all, energy is the source of life and the more energy you have, the more power your consciousness will have against anxiety or depression and other kinds of negativity.

Yoga is a good form of exercise that is for both mind and body.
Yoga is a good form of exercise that is for both mind and body.

Exercise Regularly

Being lethargic and idle is like giving your mind the ideal environment to cultivate anxiety and depression. Exercise can release a lot of endorphins, energy, and other things that will surely help you overcome anxiety. Try to make your exercise more fun by perhaps joining a group or maybe doing it with some of your friends. There are also other alternative types of exercise that does not require very straining activities like yoga, which is also something that I am highly recommending because it is known to be not just an exercise of your body but also of mind. This connection between body and mind is important in overcoming anxiety or depression symptoms.

Sigur Ros

Listen to Some Relaxing and Heartwarming Music

Listening to this Icelandic band Sigur Ros is surely one of my highest recommendations. I am sure that it will just bring you to this trance of tranquility and peace and warmth. I actually have their whole discography and sometimes when I am feeling a bit down I just lie down and listen to their music.

There are also a lot of post-rock bands that I could recommend but maybe you could research them yourselves. Or you know, to each his own, sound trip to whatever it is that you think can really make you feel better. Music is one of the best cures to anxiety and depression. Having your earphones in or being surrounding by beautiful sound waves can really get rid of all the negativity in your surroundings and even the negativity that lies within you in your consciousness. 

Alternative Medicine and Meditation

You know, taking a deep breath can really make you feel a lot better. Most of the energy we have in life is not from the food we eat but from the air we breath. Taking a deep breath is free and sometimes when you are in a state of anxiety or depression, taking a deep breath is always free.

Maybe you can try out herbal supplements like 5-HTP that is known to regulate the ammount of serotonin in our brain, this is the neurotransmitter that controls energy, wakefulness, and many other things that contribute to our overall consciousness. 

Reflection and meditation is also very important. It is important for you to seek for the root source of your anxiety and depression and only you can really know this. And so through reflection and meditation you can most probably dig up your memories and finally see the root of why this is all happening.

Photography is an example of a hobby you can take up to take your mind off things
Photography is an example of a hobby you can take up to take your mind off things

Get a Hobby

Get a hobby and be really into it. You might even become really good at it. This is a really productive way of dealing with anxiety or depression. I would recommend something like Photography or fishing or something or anything that would involve traveling. Because certainly, traveling can help alleviate the negativity that is shrouding your counsciousness. Why not checkout my other article on things to consider when buying a new camera if you are actually interested.

Hope it was Helpful

So yeah, I hope these stuff was able to help somehow even its own little way. I hope you enjoyed my article and I hope you come back for more of my other tips and remedies about other things. See you soon and good luck! Life is good!


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      OmNaser 7 years ago from kuwait

      Thanks I liked ur hub and will try out a hobby :)