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Travel Insurance for Prostate Cancer Patients in the UK

Updated on July 24, 2016

Why do I need prostate cancer travel insurance?

Prostate cancer is a long-term condition, but it should not hinder anyone from travelling for leisure or otherwise. Regular travel insurance covers loss of personal belongings such as passports and also cancelled or delayed flights. Medical expenses that may arise when abroad or if the patient needs to be flown back home are also covered. However, cancer patients are excluded in this policy, and their only alternative is a prostate cancer holiday insurance policy. This policy ensures that all emergencies directly or indirectly related to prostate cancer are compensated. For example, if as a result of prostate cancer you cancelled your trip or perhaps fell ill abroad and had to be hospitalized or flown back home. Also, if anyone was travelling with you and is also covered, has their trip affected by your health condition they could be compensated. Besides, extending your return date due to ill health means more accommodation expenses which the insurance policy gladly covers.

Do I still need travel medical insurance if I have recovered from prostate cancer?

Yes. However, you will need to provide a certificate from the doctor saying that you no longer have prostate cancer and that you are in a good condition to travel. The length of period you have been cancer free will also determine the cost and availability of the travel policy. Some insurers will only cover if you have been free of cancer for six months, others for one year or three years and some up to 10 years. The longer the time, the cheaper the policy will be.


How do I choose the best prostate cancer holiday insurance for me?

The best policy for you should be affordable and be offered irrespective of the stage of cancer you are in. The policies from different travel insurers may vary, and therefore it is prudent to shop around and pick the best. For instance, some insurers may not give insurance if a terminal prognosis of fewer than six months has been made. You also need to ensure that the policy clearly states that it will cover any emergencies or treatment options arising from prostate cancer during you travel abroad.

Tips for travelling with prostate cancer

Travelling in the event of prostate cancer diagnosis requires intense preparation and planning. Get a prostate cancer travel insurance, prostate cancer holiday insurance policy and be sure to disclose all information regarding your health. The insurance agents will want to know about your cancer diagnosis, severity, and prognosis. If this is not done, it is a justified cause for not paying claims.

Talk to your doctor about whether you are fit to travel. The doctor also issues a “fit to travel” certificate without which the insurance will not cover. Also, the insurance company will not cover if travelling against the doctor’s advice.

Your destination determines whether you can get a travel insurance policy and how much it will cost. For instance, due to the high costs of medical care, it may be very difficult to get travel insurance to the United States. Conversely, travel insurance to Europe is cheaper as a result of the cheaper medical costs. Also, your destination should have adequate medical facilities with trained medical practitioners. This information is available from the relevant Consulate or Embassy.

Have enough medication to last the duration of the holiday. Besides, it is prudent to have an extra supply of drugs just in case. Also, remember to have a list of the names of all the medication in case any of them is lost or used up. Some medications are not allowed in or out of some countries. If you are using such, you may need to have a letter from a qualified medical practitioner for the customs officials. This is also the same for syringes and any other medical equipment.

Your medication should always be around your reach and view probably in your hand luggage. This improves accessibility and also minimizes the probability of misplacing. Remember to note the time zones in your destination country. A different time zone will mean a change of the times when you regularly take your medication. A doctor or pharmacist should guide you on how to make adjustments.

Remember to take extreme care of your general health to avoid complications. For instance, boil drinking water or use bottled water only. Also, eat only fresh, thoroughly cooked hot food to prevent food poisoning which would cause diarrhoea or vomiting. Dehydration from diarrhoea or vomiting is catastrophic for advanced prostate cancer patients. Also, be cautious of excess sunlight as the skin is sun sensitive during treatment. Sunscreens of SPF 15 and above are recommended when out in the sun.

If travelling to the European Union, you should apply for an EHIC card. European Health Insurance Card ensures that you can access medical care at reduced or free costs in member countries. However, it does not cover all the medical expenses, so travel insurance is still necessary.

In conclusion, patients need to be wary of alternative medicine therapies that may contradict prescribed cancer drugs. All the relevant receipts should be safely kept as they are required when making a claim. Get travel insurance today; it will ensure that your holiday always goes according to plan.


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