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Treat Your Urinary Tract Infection Naturally

Updated on November 13, 2015

Urinary tract infection (UTI is a kind of infection caused by harmful bacteria within the urinary tract. These harmful bacteria affect the rectum and this is the reason why this type health problem manifest easily. The actual symptoms of this kind of infection are usually unexpected that quickly induce a very painful urination and little amount of urine. In some cases, an affect individual may experience bloating and discomfort. Nowadays, there are different types of effective home remedies to treat urinary tract infection while staying at home.

If you are suffering from UTI, you do not need to panic whenever you search for the exact relief. At times, you easily think about visiting a doctor to ask for prescribed medications even if you believe that these are expensive items because you are eager to eliminate the pain and severe infection. As state above, it is always possible to discover many natural remedies available at home and you only need to learn on how to take advantage of these options. Of course, these natural cures are safer and never trigger adverse effects like when taking costly medicines.

UTI is definitely a kind of serious ailment that you need to get rid of it faster. It is very important to treat the infection without delaying much time because you do not want to suffer from other health issues later on. The kind of treatment ought to help you eliminate the bacteria that cause the severe pain. Usually, you also need to determine your previous eating habits because this is a great contributor in triggering the problem. This is crucial in helping you find the best solution without spending more cash.

Below are some of the most effective remedies to get rid of UTI:

  • Use of baking soda

This very effective natural remedy can help effectively in getting the exact relief through eliminating the pain. The procedure is easier because you only need to mix baking soda with water and then drink the mixture. Once your body absorbs this natural mixture, you will experience a foaming reaction that can eliminate the pain. The baking soda is an effective substance in cleansing your urinary tract to flush out the bacteria inside your body.

  • Consider aromatherapy

This is another very effective natural treatment in getting rid of this painful urinary tract infection. Aromatherapy is very natural, safer and available from the comfort of your own home without spending money. Even though this is a popular outside form of natural treatment, it can definitely induce positive reactions inside your body system. Through breathing in the essential fragrance of these natural herbs and oils, your body feels comfortable and this helps much in reducing the infection without undesirable effects.

  • Eat more pineapple to increase vitamin C

If you can increase your daily vitamin C intake by eating more pineapple, this will you boost and strengthen your immune system. If your defense mechanism is healthier, your body can easily make your urine very acidic, which is very effective in preventing bacterial development. In most cases, you need to improve take at least 1000 mg of natural vitamin C daily and if you drink pineapple, this is an excellent home remedy to treat your health problem. Moreover, pineapple can help in keeping your kidneys as well as digestive system healthy while functioning properly.

Lastly, it is important that you need to avoid eating those foods with too much spices, fatty dairy products and unnatural sweetened chocolates. Moreover, you need to limit your caffeine intake, stop drinking alcoholic beverages and unhealthy carbonated drinks. Regarding your proper hygiene, it is very important that you take constant shower daily aside from taking a bath and do not use bath oil. Make sure that you change undergarment regularly and clean the bathroom or toilet properly after using.

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© 2015 Maria Karen Salazar


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