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Why Smoothies Are Popular And Absolutely Healthy?

Updated on January 21, 2017

What smoothie is made of?

This cocktail is made of fresh fruits, berries and vegetables according to your desired combination. Mashed fruits can be flavoured with milk, curd, low-fat yogurt, mineral water, honey, nuts, ginger, cinnamon, oregano, mint – in other words you can add whatever you want, even eggs.

Smoothie is full of nutrients, vitamins, fibre, and it is produced quickly and easily. In addition, the first, the second and the third dish can be made in one glass, in other words – the fully-fledged dinner!

Vegetable smoothie

made of tomato, carrot, cucumber and peppers can be combined with parsley, dill, celery or salad. There is no limitation because everything depends on your taste.
Smoothie is also charming due to the fast that it is very simple to make: just grind all the ingredients in a blender until they turn into a thick puree. Smoothie can be served with ice.
Slimming and health. Smoothie is full of vitamins and dietary fibre and it means that this cocktail is healthy. In the very simplest smoothie of fruits and vegetables even a rate of vitamins for 3 days can be accommodated.

More about smoothies

Sometimes a cocktail is also enriched with other nutritious supplements like soy protein, calcium, synthetic vitamins and minerals. By the way, surfers were the first who began to use a smoothie, because this product helps to overcome the hunger quickly and enriches the body with minimum vitamins and minerals instantly.
Smoothie rejuvenates perfectly, satiates and does not cause the feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
This drink for the people who are slimming is just a treasure. You will feel satisfied with smoothie and the diet will be exceptionally tasty.
In order to lose 1.5-2 kg per week you should replace 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) by this refreshing cocktail.
For breakfast use berries and fruits, for dinner – vegetables. If you drink the cocktail using a wide straw and will chew thoroughly (it does not matter that the puree is mashed) – you will become satiated more quickly. If you are thirsty, refresh yourself with herbal decoction, water, tea, coffee is also available, but only ground and brewed. During the diet period refuse sugary carbonated drinks and industrially produced juice.


Strawberry and yoghurt

250 g of strawberries (fresh or frozen),
250 ml of low-fat milk,
150 ml of natural yoghurt

Mix the strawberries and yoghurt in shaker until you get a homogenous mass. Then pour the milk. Mix again to get a thick puree.


Banana and raspberry

1 ripe banana,
1½ cup of raspberries,
½ cup of 1% fat milk

Put the banana to the freezer for 10 minutes to solidify the fruit slightly. Put all the ingredients to a mixer and mix until you get a thick puree


Berry and protein cocktail

1 cup of blueberries,
1 cup of cranberry juice,
2 eggs

Mix eggs and blueberries in a shaker, then slowly pour cranberry juice into the mixture until you get a thick drink


Blueberry and cranberry

1 banana,
1/3 (160 ml) blueberries (fresh or frozen),
150 ml natural yoghurt,
2 cups of fresh or frozen cranberries

If you use frozen berries – keep them a little at room temperature to warm. Then mix a banana and berries in a shaker, pour yoghurt and mix again until you get a puree


Cocktail with muesli

125 g low-fat yoghurt,
120 g strawberries,
2 tablespoons of water,
100 ml of low-fat milk,
3 tablespoons of muesli with raisins and nuts

Mix yoghurt, water and strawberries in a shaker. Pour the muesli with milk, then pour it into the cocktail and mix a little


Raspberry, apple and pear

1 cup of raspberries,
1 pear, 1 apple,
1 cup of milk (1% fat), add honey according to the taste

At the beginning mix the raspberries. Then pour the milk, add pieces of the chopped fruits, mix to get a thick puree.


3 oranges,
3 passion fruits,
1 mango,
1 celery stalk

Wash celery, peel the mango orange, chop the fruits. Squeeze the juice from the celery. Mix the pieces of orange and mango in a shaker. Pour the celery juices and passion fruit pulp into a shaker to the orange and mango puree. Mix everything until you get a homogenous drink


Classic vegetables

1 cup of kefir (1% fat),
1 ripe tomato,
1 cucumber,
a pinch of herbs (dill, parsley), a few leaves of lettuce or a few celery stalks. Shake everything until you get a homogenous puree.



2 pomegranates,
250 ml of blueberries,
150 ml of bio-yoghurt,
250 ml of low-fat milk

Mix the pomegranate seeds with the blueberries and yoghurt in a shaker. Then pour the milk and mix it again


Tomato and celery

½ cup of celery juice,
½ cup of ripe tomatoes with pulp,
3 pieces of kiwi for decoration,
a pinch of salt, spices

Squeeze the celery juices, mix with the tomatoes, add some salt and spices. Shake everything. Decorate with kiwi slices

Green freshness with yoghurt and apple

1 medium cucumber,
1 green apple,
200 g of celery stalks,
1 lime,
Dill, salt, spices according to taste

Mix a cucumber, an apple, a lime, celery and herbs in a shaker. Add some salt and spices. Decorate with mint leaves


Beet and pomegranate

400 g of beets,
500 g of pomegranates,
1 teaspoon of honey

Wash the beets, peel them and chop into small pieces, then mix them in a shaker. Add the pomegranate seeds, honey and mix them again until you get a homogenous mass. Add some salt and spices.

6 Smoothie Recipes in 6 Minutes

What is your opinion and experience about smoothies?

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