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Tubaligation Reversal

Updated on June 4, 2010

Tubaligation and Pregnancy

Contemporary trend, economic situation and lifestyle has greatly influenced most people especially women on issues of having children of their own.

Whatever reason is behind their own stance, it is undeniably true that hundreds of women, 650,000 of those in the USA alone would prefer not to have any offspring and undergo contraceptive surgeries like tubaligation.

However in some circumstances, many would eventually realize that they would want to have children of their own, unfortunately after years of undergoing the surgery.

Those who have a change of outlook could still have the chance of having children of their own because of what is known as the tubaligation reversal surgery.

A change of mind and priorities is just one of the reasons however that women want to do tubaligation reversal surgeries.

In some cases, they simply want to rid themselves of the prevalent side effects of tubaligation or what is commonly called “post tubaligation syndrome.”

Indications such as the decrease of libido or sex drive, menopausal symptoms, sleeping disorder, mood swings and many others are sure signs of this problem.

Pregnancy After Tubaligation

Is pregnancy possible after tubaligation?

Those who really want to have tubaligation reversal surgery would have to comply with very important procedures before actual operation. One very significant step to take is review and a thorough assessment of the recent medical records of the patient especially referrals to the previous tubaligation surgery.

This is very vital to know and determine the best options that the surgeon must take in doing the reversal surgery.

Age is likewise a relevant component in the process. It must be noted that the success of the operation would highly rely on the span of time that the original tubaligation took place. There might be any damage of effect on the fallopian tube, and any effect in the reversal surgery is dependent on the duration of time this damage has occurred.

Success for a tubaligation reversal surgery is more likely for those who had operations of removing a small portion of their fallopian tubes or those who preferred to use rings or clips to tie their fallopian tubes.

Generally, having a reversal surgery is not an easy and abrupt endeavor that will be performed in a jiffy. It takes a lot of time, evaluation and attention from surgeons to determine and discuss things with their patients. Those patients are given enough view and ideas of the pros and cons of their choice.

It is up to their best judgment to know if tubaligation reversal is indeed the best option to take.


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