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Updated on June 4, 2010


Postpartum tubaligation
Postpartum tubaligation
Laparoscopic tubaligation
Laparoscopic tubaligation

Over population and modern lifestyle has dramatically increased a number of contraceptive methods, one of which is tubaligation.

This medical procedure is widely recognized and used as birth control method for women who would not want to bear children for good.

Tubaligation is a surgery done on patients to clip, burn, clamp or cut their fallopian tubes, thus preventing the eggs and sperm to travel to the uterus and fallopian tube respectively.

A number of surgeries can be performed for tubaligation. Surgeons may operate through a vaginal approach while others prefer a regular laparotomy approach. Other approaches are through minilaprotomy or laparoscopy.

Two procedures can also be undertaken such as the postpartum tubaligation and the interval tubaligation which cannot be operated on women who recently had child birth.

During the year 1930, the tubaligation technique performed by Ralph Pomeroy is considered the simplest surgery which used the laparoscopy. The surgery may be done under either local or general anesthesia. A supplementary tranquilizer may be utilized to pacify patients in the duration of the surgery.

A technique that is uncommonly used for tubaligation surgery is the Essure procedure which started way back 2002. Although it is rare, it is widely preferred by patients around the world.

Is it possible to get pregnant after tubaligation?

Based on statistics, 2 out 100 women who have undergone tubaligation could still get pregnant, and this is often referred to as tubaligation pregnancy.

This contraceptive method is proven 99% effective in the first year of operation, however the succeeding years may not be as reliable since in cases where it is not done properly, unwanted pregnancies may still occur. A tubaligation reversal surgery may be possible for patients who changed their mind.

A number of side effects are indicated following these kinds of surgeries. Risks like uterine perforation and infection, ectopic pregnancy and other menstrual cycle irregularities and other gynecological adversities are very likely to occur.

Tubaligation is given credit for birth control amidst its side effects and negative results.

However, it doesn’t claim to be a protective measure from sexually transmitted diseases and the like. Therefore it is still vital to use condoms to protect yourself from such health ailments.

In comparison to the male contraceptive surgery called vasectomy, tubaligation is a more major surgery.

Likewise it also has greater risks than its counterpart. Post tubaligation effects are much more complex and expensive.

Cost of tubal ligation would actually range from $1000 to $3000. In some cases, patients would want a reversal surgery for tubaligation. Some would have a change of perspective or other unexpected occurrences may happen.

Nevertheless, it is a very good idea to undergo a thorough consultation with your surgeon first before getting into the operation. This would likewise save you unnecessary expenses in getting significant information regarding the cost of tubaligation in a more detailed manner.


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