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Two Universal Principles Which Can Change Your Life

Updated on November 2, 2018
Sean Dragon profile image

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


There is a Universal Principle, the Energy Conservation Principle: When I act with love, Love acts for me.

— Sean Dragon

The First Principle

One of the most fundamental principles of science and mainly the cornerstone of Physics is the Energy Conservation Principle. This principle says that the energy that exists in the Universe can change forms, but it cannot be destroyed, neither lost nor created in its totality. Since the Creation of the Universe and forever the energy will be the same amount, but its forms can change. You can, for example, convert solar energy to electric power, the chemical energy of the fuels or food to heat (calories) but the total amount will be the same.

Like every fundamental principle of the material world, this one too is based on a similar internal and spiritual principle: The kind of my action returns to me, and it will return until I decide to change it into another form.

So we cannot act with selfishness, hatred, indifference and malice, expecting that the actions of the Universe towards us will be beautiful and beneficial to us. The universe never breaks its principles. If I act negatively, even a little, sooner or later the results of these actions will return to me, in the same negative way. Then there will be no one else to blame but myself.


But if I radiate all around me goodness and positive energy, if I choose Love instead malice, smile instead gloom and offer them to the world, then only positive energy and bliss will be the response of the Universe to me. There will always be a favourable wind in my sails to travel to my dreams.

I empower my actions with Love until the Universe is filled with it.

— Sean Dragon

It is strange, but that is how it works: When you offer and serve without waiting for any return, it is sure that your life will be blessed. When you offer or help while you are expecting even for a simple "thank you", you will probably feel deprived.

— Sean Dragon

The Second Principle

A common cause of frustration, for us humans, is what we call "ingratitude". In so many cases, we have thought with bitterness in our heart: "I did so much for him (or her) and what is the return?"

It is a situation that profoundly hurts human relationships and creates misery and misunderstanding where there should naturally be happiness. Because to offer and serve, means to express Love. Is Love in practice. And Love brings only joy, to the one accepts it, but also to the one offers it. This is a Universal Law. So why does it seem not to work in such a situation?

The answer is simple: Because it is not Love when you offer and expecting for a return. It's trading. And trade may have a profit, but sometimes it also has the loss.

Unfortunately, we have degenerated, into our mind, the concept of Love, to that level. We have made Love a process of "product" exchange. In fact, we say:

"I offer you, but you have to remember it so that you offer back to me. It would be nice for you if you return to me more than I gave you since I first made a generous move. Otherwise, you are ungrateful!"

But Love is not like this! Love means I offer because I care, because I want to see the other be happy. This is my only reward, my loved one's happiness. I do not expect anything in return. So I release myself from all negative thoughts and distress, but I also free the other from the oppressive bonds of obligation and ingratitude. This is what Love is, is freedom, not commitment. Because, what is the meaning of the offer when automatically this would create commitments to the one who accepts this? Then we should enter into a negotiation about Love. Like: "Do you allow me to offer you my Love and do you pledge to return to me yours?"

No! Love is freedom! I can offer my love to anyone I want without waiting for approval because I just don't expect any return.


Let us re-establish in our minds the concept of Love. Let's offer without waiting for anything, let's give unconditional Love, and then we will experience incredible fullness and serenity. The more we offer, the more we will fill with blessings. Because this is the miraculous way that Universe works!

The magic of love: You give Love generously, and what is left to you is more abundant than before.

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis


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