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Tylenol Recall 2010

Updated on August 16, 2011

Tylenol Over-the-counter Drug

Tylenol recall
Tylenol recall

Tylenol motrin recall

Johnson and Johnson has announced yet another massive Tylenol recall in Jan 2010 and is removing several Tylenol products from the shelves. The main reason for the Tylenol recall is the moldy smell that has made some consumers very sick. The maker of several over-the-counter drugs, including Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl, announced a massive recall of these and other drugs after receiving complaints of an "unusual moldy, musty or mildew-like" smell.

Tylenol Recall 2010 list

  • TYLENOL®, Extra Strength  EZ TABLET 225 count (ASA206)
  • TYLENOL®, Extra Strength  EZ TABLET 50 count (ABA005)
  • TYLENOL®, Extra Strength  COOL CAPLET 24 count (ABA566)
  • TYLENOL®, Extra Strength  CAPLET bonus pack 24+12 count (ACA025)
  • TYLENOL®, Extra Strength  CAPLET 50 count (AFA018)
  • TYLENOL®, Day & Night Value Pack (AEC005)
  • TYLENOL®, Extra Strength RAPID RELEASE GELCAP 24 count (ACA024)
  • TYLENOL®, Extra Strength RAPID RELEASE GELCAP 225 count (AJA119)

The broadening recall now includes some batches of regular and extra-strength Tylenol children's Tylenol, eight-hour Tylenol, Tylenol arthritis, Tylenol PM, children's Motrin, Motrin IB, Benadryl Rolaids, Simply Sleep, and St. Joseph's aspirin. Both caplet and geltab products were sold in the Americas, the United Arab Emirates, and Fiji were recalled. The full list is available at website.

Note that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) knew of the moldy smell problem in 2008 but made only a limited investigation. About 70 to 100 people have shown symptoms such as nausea, stomach pain and vomiting due to the smell. The side effects of the smell is not a killer though. The smell is apparently caused by small amounts of a chemical associated with the treatment of wooden pallets. The company is investigating the issue and will stop shipping products with the same materials on wooden pallets. Tylenol Recall 2010 by Johnson and Johnson has made the big corporate company's image a question. The moldy smell was caused by a chemical called "2,4,6-tribromoanisole (TBA)," which is applied to wooden pallets that are used to transport and store packaging materials.

A similar recall in 1982 cost the company $100 million, but boosted its image among its customers. The Tylenol 2010 recall is long overdue however. In November 2009, McNeil recalled some Tylenol Arthritis Caplets due to the smell. In December, the company expanded its recall to include more batches of Tylenol Arthritis Caplets. There have been no reports of nausea related to the most recent recall. However, the expanded recall includes product lots that could be affected by the same problems of nausea. McNeil said consumers who purchased from the lots included in its recall should stop using the product and contact McNeil Consumer Health care for a refund or replacement. Lot numbers can be found on the side of the bottle.

Have you personally noticed the moldy smell in Tylenol tablets?

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      8 years ago

      I had a terrible stomachache and headache after taking the cap, at present I am terrified in getting a severe bacteria in my organism. What should I do?

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      8 years ago



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