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Types of Meditation with Detail Benefits

Updated on May 16, 2019
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Writer at All about Meditation and love to learn new things regarding digital marketing and health improvement.

Different type meditation

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Learn to Meditate to Become Mentally Strong.

In the present busy era, human beings are often facing different health issues related to mental and physical because of stress full life and load of education or professional life.

And a solution which normally pop-up in your mind is taking tablets or supplements, which doctors suggested to you and by following your doctor's instructions you have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on treatment in a hope of getting a cure.

Mostly everyone has listened about meditation but only a few have implemented this in their life and who implement got success in getting mindfulness. Meditating on a daily basis will start giving you benefits gradually but condition you have to follow is to meditate regularly for a few minutes.

Meditation helps to enhance human memory as well but in this article, we will be covering the best method of meditation you should try for better mental and physical health.

In this article, you will be going to know five different types of meditation practices by practicing them you can get Dominant on your brain actions.

Zen meditation Method:

Zen meditation or you can call it with zazen meditation which means practice while seated. This meditation root comes from Chinese Zen Buddhism tradition.

For knowing zen meditation background checkout Wikipedia article.

How to do it

It is generally practiced while seated on the floor over a mat or a soft round cushions with crossed legs. Traditionally it was done in lotus or half-lotus position, but this is hardly necessary or you can sit on a basho chair for meditation with keeping your back straight.

You have kept the back completely straight, from the pelvis to the neck, the mouth should be close and eyes are kept lower, with your gaze resting on the ground about two or three feet in front of you.

As to the mental aspect of it, it’s usually practiced in two ways:

  • By Focusing on the breath; focus all your attention on a rhythm of breath sensation in and out through the nose. This may be aided by counting the breath in your mind. Each time you inhale you count one number, starting with 10, and then moving backward counting 9, 8, 7, etc.

When you arrive in 1, you resume from 10 again. If you get distracted and lose your count, gently bring back the attention to 10 and resume from there.

  • In Second form the practitioner does not use any specific object for concentrating; rather, practitioners remain as much as possible in the present moment and try to stay conscious in a present moment and observe what thoughts are coming in his mind.

without dwelling on anything in particular. This type is famous with the name Effortless Presence meditation.

Breathe Awareness Meditation:

AS you already can get an idea of this meditation by the name "Breathe awareness" and this meditation is also all about focusing on your breathing style inhaling and exhaling to make your focus strong to one task.

You may be thinking it is would also be similar like above zen meditation practice but no this type of meditation has its own benefits and practicing rules and are discussed below.

How to Do Breathe Awareness Meditation:

· Find a comfortable place to sit and it’s suggested to sit straight, to avoid falling asleep.

· It’s up to you that you want to keep your eyes open or close.

· Keep your gaze down words and do not glance around the room or where you are sitting because doing this can wander your concentration.

· Begin with breathing slowly in and out through your nostrils not by mouth, and while exhaling allow your body to relax and shoulder to come down and release them in a way that they get to relax. Follow this pattern for a few breathes.

· Remember one thing while focusing on your breathing chances are that your concentration can get wander with different thoughts but don’t try to put your focus on them it is normal in a starting of meditating journey and don’t eliminate your focus from breathing, just bring back your focus on breathing rhythm.

· Try to keep your focus on breathing for 5 mints in a start and after that, you can increase the time up to 40 minutes and do remember before improving time your focus should get strong.

· After paying attention as best as you are able to, for the time you set. Open your eyes and take a movement to notice sounds in the surrounded environment.

· Now feel how to relax your body is feeling and notice the pausing of every thought.

The main purpose of focusing on the breath is to get disconnected from every thought which pops up in the mind while focusing and getting aware to your breathing. by practicing this you are Training your mind to focus on the task which you want.

Benefits of Breathe Awareness Meditation:

  • This type of meditation increase patience in you.
  • Breathe awareness meditating increase your focus to the single task and teach how to get back to the track, after getting wander.
  • Teach you to sit still for a prolonged period of time. Which only a few people practice because it’s difficult and stilling your body for some minutes make you feel calm and relax.
  • Reducing input into your mind by closing your eyes, sitting still and just focusing on one thing, you stop agitating the snow dome that is your mind and allow the flakes to settle, giving you more clarity of thought.
  • You get more aware of your thoughts pattern and you get to know which thoughts on which your mind thinks and worry about most. This will help you to break the unhelpful patterns.
  • Gives you the ability to self-control because of not reacting to your thoughts, feelings, and impulses instantly. By doing this you will develop ability into self-response thoughts you want.

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