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How to Find Prescription Drug Coupons

Updated on January 15, 2014

While drug coupons are not as easy to find as the grocery coupons published in the Sunday supplements of major newspapers, it is possible to save money on prescriptions by using coupons. Prescription drug coupons are issued by the drug's manufacturer, and can be obtained on the drug's official site, from your health care provider, and occasionally in medical magazines. All prescription drug coupons must be accompanied by a prescription when redeemed.

Free Trial Vouchers

One of the most common types of drug coupons is a free trial voucher. This is the most typical type of drug coupon found in magazines, although they are also available directly from the manufacturer and from doctors. These coupons are generally used to promote new products, and are used to generate demand for a drug by a consumer who brings the voucher to their doctor, requesting a prescription.

The vouchers are typically good for a 30 day supply, and can only be used once per patient. Some require that the patient have never used this particular medication before.

Prescription CoPay Cards

Prescription CoPay Cards are designed to make drugs more affordable for patients who have insurance, but still have difficulty paying the $25, $30, or even $50 copay their plan requires. These cards are issued by the manufacturer, and stipulate a maximum copay that a patient should pay. The manufacturer then reimburses the pharmacy the difference between what the insurance company pays, and the coupon amount.


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    • FormerPeacock profile image

      FormerPeacock 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      I use one of these regularly, but I wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for my doctor. Really helpful though when prescriptions cost so much.