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Unequal Power of the Eyes

Updated on March 23, 2016
An image that is partially in focus, but mostly out of focus in varying degrees.
An image that is partially in focus, but mostly out of focus in varying degrees. | Source

Eyes are precious - Take Utmost Care

When nature has bestowed its love to the world by providing beauty, at the same time it has also given us a pair of eyes to witness the same. Thus, if any problem occurs in your eyes do not delay or hesitate to have a checkup or consulting an eye specialist.

Eyes are one of the important parts of the human body that nature has given all of us. These act like the windows or say a camera which helps us witness the things as real and as it is taking place in our surrounding. But have you ever thought if one of your eyes gets weak and you are unable to see properly or say in a blur way then how uneasy it becomes for us to take every step in our life. And moreover if you delay in to have a quick check up or in consulting a doctor then how problematic thing can change into.

Every person has different size & shape just like that eyes also varies in sizes.

Firstly, if the size of an eyeball varies and is bigger than normal then the focus of the image in the lenses comes forward and the person leads to short sight and which is called myopia.


Secondly, if the size of this eyeball is smaller than normal then the focus of the images is at the back. With this the person is able to see the far away things but needs the help of power spectacles to see the things nearby.

The third thing is that the focus of an image is more on one eye and less on the other which is known as unequal power in both the eye. Normally if the power of both the eye differs from 3 dieters then it’s known as vernacular vision and on the same hand if there is more difference than normal then the person will not be able to see properly by one of the eye. This is often caused due to weak muscles of the eyes.

Causes of Weakness of Eyes

  • Lack of nutrients
  • If there is tumor in one eye
  • Due to cataract
  • Due to hurt in eyes of any kind which makes the eye muscles weak

Three Main Layers of Eyes


Eye Checkup

You should have an eye check of your 3 years old child and then after every 2 years. If you are a diabetic or suffer from low/high blood pressure or any medical problem you should consult the doctor every year. It is often suggested by doctors to have a regular eye checkup for every person above 40 years of age.

Many a times due to carelessness parents are unaware of their child’s weak power of either eye which unfortunately results in amblyopia.

Amblyopia affects one in every 40 children


Symptoms of weak eyesight of your child

  • While reading books does your child read incorrect words?
  • Does your child hesitate to play outdoor games?
  • Is your child reducing his/her capacity to learn or is he/she taking time to do his/her work?
  • Is your child unable to look at the words written in the blackboard properly?

If any of your answer to the above asked questions is ‘yes’ then it’s time to take him/her to an eye specialist without wasting time so that appropriate measures can be taken in time. The eye specialist can only identify if the power of both the eye are equal or not. He may suggest you some exercise or medicine which will help you recover or decrease the ailment soon.

Visual Acuity Test

Traditional Snellen chart used for visual acuity testing
Traditional Snellen chart used for visual acuity testing | Source

Exercise for Eyes

  • To recover the muscles of weak eyes, there is an instrument by which they ask to start looking at the images inside it and then they ask you to join both the images.
  • In the second exercise you have to bring your hand parallel to your nose holding a pen or a pencil, while focusing on the nib or point bring it closer to the nose very slowly. Again bring your hand parallel to your nose and repeat this again few times. This helps the eye muscles to increase its power.
  • In the third exercise, close that eye with your hand by which you can see properly, and try to see with the eye you cannot see properly as this helps in developing the power.

Baring all these if you have ever got hurt in your eyes or you have been facing cataract or any other medical problem you also have the option of going through a surgery. But for this you always need to consult your doctor and as per your condition he/she will suggest the best treatment out of the rest which will be truly beneficial for your eyes. Always use the right spectacles with correct power that is suggested by your doctor.

Eyes are the beauty of the body - Take Care!

Everyday life Tips On Eye Care

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind :

  • Eat food which is healthy for eyes. Like told from our grand parents Gooseberry (amla) are good for eyes. If you want you can get amla murabba (sweet flavoured) or amla candies (salty flavour).
  • Do eyes exercises as and when possible. If you work on computer for long time (which most of us do), frequently look far away from screen too.
  • Sleep on time every day. Make a routine of getting at least 7 hours sleep.
  • Try staying away from computer and phone from about half an hour before sleep.
  • If your eyes gets dry often then make use of good eye drops like itone.
  • Last but not the least stay hydrated! Drink lots of water!

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