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Use Anti-Fungal Tea Tree Oil to Kill Bacteria That the Summer Humidity Has Grown on Your Skin

Updated on August 13, 2018

Regular Soap Vs. Anti-Fungal Soap

If you are like me then you are all too familiar with bar soap. I've used it on my skin daily ever since I was a child because that is what I was raised to use. However, playing sports all throughout high school taught me one very important thing, that sweat can make bacteria grow on your skin. Not taking a shower after a workout can result in break outs all over your skin which can cause you to have acne grow on your chest, arms, shoulders, and back. To be truthful, bar soap doesn't work as strongly as it should to combat against the bacteria that grows on the epidermis. In order to kill bacteria growth on your skin you must use anti-fungal soap. I started using anti-fungal body wash a while back and my skin began improving because the formula is just way stronger than regular bar soap, especially if the formula is infused with a healing agent such as Tea Tree Oil. The way regular bar soap works is that soap molecules bind to dirt, oil, or grease particles that are washed away after water hits your skin. The only problem is that soap molecules don't necessarily kill bacteria on the skin. In order to achieve clear skin free of bacteria, I started using anti-fungal Tea Tree Oil body wash. It is probably the best solution I have found to counter bacteria growth on the skin that is caused by the sweat and humidity of the summer heat.

So Why Use Tea Tree Oil? Why Not Use Another Formula?

I'm sure there are many other body wash solutions that you could use but I choose Tea Tree Oil because of its healing properties. It is an anti-inflammatory plus an anti-fungal/anti-viral solution. Basically, if you put Tea Tree Oil on your skin, it'll kill the bacteria that causes acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, ringworm and so much more. Tea Tree Oil is used to treat acne, fight fungal infections, and athletes foot. As a former athlete I can attest to the fact that Tea Tree Oil Body Wash has helped me clear my skin and clean my body after working out, when bacteria is more apt to grow on the body due to sweating. Everyone might not sweat as much as an athlete who works out a lot but Tea Tree Oil Body Wash is extremely effective for all skin types, especially during these summer months.

Constantly running the cooling system in your home during the summer months can be very expensive, certainly if your home doesn't have solar panels or another method which you can use to subsidize most of your utility bills. Therefore the summer months can cause you to sweat profusely which basically makes your skin a huge Petri Dish for bacteria. I realized a while back that using an anti-fungal body wash was necessary not just for my post workout showers but also to combat the humidity of the summer months. Since Tea Tree Oil is an antiseptic, an anti-fungal solution, an anti-viral, and an anti-inflammatory there are so many applications for using a body wash that is infused with Tea Tree Oil. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is always best to consult with your physician in order to determine what is best for your skin. Tea Tree Oil body wash has helped my skin to become clearer and cleaner as well, so I would expect it to work for anyone as its properties are effective for all skin types.

The Summer Heat Gives You a Legitimate Reason to Use Tea Tree Oil Infused Body Wash

As aforementioned in this article, you do not have to be an athlete who sweats all the time to understand the benefits of using an anti-fungal body wash. This years summer has been extremely hot humid so if you've been out in the sun for any reason at all, there is no doubt that you have probably sweated a little more than you'd like to. If you live in a location that gets particularly hot then your body is probably in more need of an anti-fungal formula than you think. Summer is the perfect occasion for activities such as beach outings and family picnics so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the pores on your skin become much larger due to the heat which allows for more dirt, grime, and bacteria to get trapped onto your skin. As a result the skin become much more inflamed (acne) and can cause a host of fungal infections. It is a perfect body wash solution for children who are constantly playing outside in the heat and who are more prone than adults to getting dirty. Personally, I love the Tea Tree Oil body wash because it leaves my skin feeling clean down to my pores and it smells great too. If the summer has left you with a little more than you would like on your skin then I suggest using Tea Tree Oil Body Wash to help revitalize your skin's health.


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