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Use your power of mind

Updated on January 7, 2016
Source:ảo-Quân Nguyễn
Source:ảo-Quân Nguyễn

I recently read The Secret and, obviously, the book inspired this article. I have always believed in power of mind and that, somehow, there's an energy in the universe that is constantly in touch with ours. I believe in Mercury retrograde, Saturn return, I believe in wishing for beautiful things on New Year's Eve and writing down goals. I believe the more you think of something, the more you materialize it into your life.

I battle depression since I was 16. Throughout the years, I learned how to deal with myself, how to control my mind and body, because I don't believe pills are for everybody (just like I don't think everybody needs to avoid them). I have noticed new symptoms of it for the past few weeks. I have had days when I don't leave the bed and, if I do, I panic. I cry. I can't move. Now, I'm 21 and living alone, which makes me more scared. But I decided to turn it around, because the more I feel scared, the more I'll let it control me. I started meditating, making collages and lists of things that make me happy, I have playlists for happy moments and one to calm me down and make me focus. I want to feel normal. More than normal: happy.

All of this I did before reading The Secret. I was watching a beauty vlogger's video on Youtube and she mentioned The Secret. I know it from years ago, but her story inspired me to find the book and read it. I did it in one night. It's mostly things we know from self help articles on Internet, I need to be honest. But there's something about it. I never thought, for example, about using affirmative sentences instead of "I don't want this". My "I won't let depression beat me" instantly became "I am happy, I am in control of my life, mind and body".

I looked for forums, blogs and comments of people who use the law of attraction on their day to day life and I read many saying they had everything they wished for. Then I read one guy saying it was bullshit, because if it was like this every kid in Africa would just wish for a meal and the problems of the world would be solved. And that was the moment I realized I was understanding the book and the power we have. I simply thought that if you immediately assume it's not going to work because what somebody else - who might never know they can even use their mind to attract things - then you are bringing it into your life and, consequently, you won't be able to see your wishes coming true.

It's practice. It requires a lot of training. But you can make a game out of it. You can challenge yourself to have a positive thought to every bad one you have. To say something good to every negative word. To list three things that make you happy everyday, to list three things you want to happen that day. I have started with visualizing my day before I get out of bed. Sounds really simple, just creating a routine in my mind where nothing is impossible. Because it's true, you have a whole day ahead of you and you know, you have memories from different periods of your life, that big news and life changing moments happen in the blink of one eye.

Believing in law of attraction came easily to me not just because I have always believed in the energy of the universe, but because I remember a specific day when I didn't want to stay another minute at the bar my friends had chosen for that night and I said I had some kind of pain and I needed to go. I repeated that sentence, "I have pain", so many times until I left that at some point, I felt that pain. I remember getting into the cab placing my hand on my abdomen and it took me one or two minutes to remember I was just faking, but for some reason that pain started feeling real.

That's just one example out of several I could share, but I definitely believe you attract what you think. It's still going to take me a lot to believe I can imagine one million dollars and have it, but I'm turning my mind around and telling myself that this is the thought that keeps me from having one million dollars. I believe I will believe and I can feel the changes already.

Our whole life is psychological. We create it, that's why we are here. No one else is making things happen, if you put some thought into it you will see how crazy the thought of it really is. We are in control all of the time.


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