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Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking - Discover How It Will Help You

Updated on March 13, 2012

As a former smoker, I know how hard it is to kick the habit. There are multiple reason why I went through so many quit smoking programs and they all failed. Going through different methods like cold turkey the patch, the gum, even a small pill once a day. Nothing seemed to work for me no matter how hyped the promises are nothing seemed to work for me. It was because, in my mind, I had grown so dependent on the nicotine in my system I was always able to talk myself out of not quitting.

So, it was not until I came across a solution that could satisfy my minds issue of the addiction that I was truly able to be free of the addiction. This is not a usual approach by people trying to quit smoking, but something that has truly worked for thousands of people who are now smoke free. It is the process of hypnosis.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a way that individuals can increase their focus and concentration. When an individual is under hypnosis they will feel extremely relaxed. This allows the body an opportunity to focus on a singular issue that is present in the individual’s life. These can be actions, thoughts, memories or sensations all being focused on too. This is extremely useful for someone who has tried to quit smoking but has not been successful.

When a person is hypnotized they tend to be more focused which allows them to be easily suggestible. This hypnotic environment changes the perceptions, emotions, and behavior o a person undergoing it. Hypnosis can be done in two different ways, through the use of self hypnosis, or through the use of a professional medical doctor. Using hypnosis to help alter my thinking and perception on smoking has done wonders where other options have not. Many people use hypnosis to help their emotion and physical well being for a number of different aliments. The results of those undergoing such treatment have had some mighty dramatic results.

How Can Hypnosis Help?

A professional hypnotist can certainly help many individuals over quitting smoking. When you go to see a hypnotist it will be in a unusually calm and relaxing environment. Through this calm and relaxed state of emotion, the person is going into they can talk a lot clearly about the walls that are preventing them from quitting smoking. The therapist will help find the root of the problem. Find the reason behind wanting to always lite up a cigarette.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Under a professional guidance, the hypnosis treatment for individuals has been proven to work. With the implementation of skills, ideas, and different focus patterns a person can quickly learn to kick the habit. With such an easy treatment to quit smoking, many individuals have taken the step in improving their lives with this treatment.

Self Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

There are other hypnosis techniques that individuals can use to assist in the quitting smoking process. Some people find it too expensive to go and see a hypnotist. However, you can use a form of self hypnosis to help you generate the same conditioning you would find in a doctor’s office. You can also combine this self hypnosis technique with the videos found on the web that go through the same procedure. This can also be used in connection with the patch or pill that you are using to try and quit.

Self hypnosis involves a few steps that can be repeated on a regular basis until you see fit. These are possible steps you can use:

• Locate a extremely quiet location in your home where you will not be interrupted.

• Try and think of the main reasons why you are smoking and be honest in your review

• Concentrate on counting down from ten and breathing deeply. Begin to relax with each number backwards.

• You will reach a calm and relaxed state, at this point ready the reasons why you started smoking and read them out loud. Ask questions of why you are smoking, why you want to quit.

• Reveal up to three of your true and honest answers. The more emotional and believable the better

• After, you feel that these reasons have been engrained then count up to ten slowly and wake up.

If, you continue to do this regularly yourself hypnosis sessions will become a lot easier, and you will see improvements in your behavior. This can work for many different things that may be affecting your smoking like anxiety, depression, or other hidden symptoms that may need to be taken out of your life. Over time a day, a week, or a month everyone is different you need to smoke will be lower and lower


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