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Using Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Updated on February 26, 2014

We all get anxious from time to time. Anxiety is a natural part of our lives and can even be a useful indicator of when we need to make a change in the way we exist in the world.

For those experiencing an episode of anxiety or for those looking for natural remedies in addition to medical treatment for an anxiety disorder, there are a number of options available. Both folk wisdom and modern science have proven that there are many ways to help fight anxiety naturally and simply.

Natural remedies for anxiety are preferred by some rather than dealing with side effects commercial drugs can give.
Natural remedies for anxiety are preferred by some rather than dealing with side effects commercial drugs can give.

What is Anxiety?

Basically, anxiety is a feeling that causes you to feel unease: apprehensive, fearful, nervous, and worried. Anxiety causes a person to feel irritated or easily upset, causes them to lose sleep, feel mopey or depressed, and have headaches and muscle aches, as well as fatigue. This is often brought on by stress, usually from something in life that you are dreading or don't want to experience, like taking an exam. Most people feel anxiety in their lives, and that is okay. But other people can have their lives negatively affected by their anxiety, causing disruptions in their sleep, their concentration, and thei general lives. When anxiety is interfering with a person's life, it becomes an anxiety disorder.

While a lot of people experience anxiety due to stress or trauma, some people may experience it because of their genes, medical problems, illness, substance abuse, or just their general brain chemistry.

Knowing what triggers your anxiety is the first step in getting help for it. Trying to cure anxiety when it's caused by the new medication your are taking is probably not going to help you! But if you know the causes, you might be able to help in your own treatment.

Meditation can help with your anxiety.
Meditation can help with your anxiety.

Daily Practices to Help with Anxiety

When people think about the word remedy, they often think of herbs, medicines, or other foods they can take to help them with some problem. And there are a number of herbs and supplements that are effective for anxiety. However, there are practices that you can make in your daily life that also work as effective natural remedies for anxiety.

To start with, it has been shown by many studies that exercise helps to reduce both stress and the anxiety it causes. Exercise not only tires out the body and relaxes the mind so that you can sleep better and think more clearly, the practice of exercise actually releases natural chemicals in your brain that help you to calm down. The release of relaxation inducing hormones and proteins into your bloodstream occurs both during and following exercise. How much exercise needed is debatable: numbers from 30 minutes a day to traveling several miles a day have been thrown around. The best thing to do is to start slow, find an exercise and rhythm that works for you, and don't push yourself and give yourself another health problem.

Another excellent natural remedy for anxiety is to receive a massage. Being massaged relaxes tense muscles, and the process of being touched by another person, even someone you don’t know, calm and soothes the nerves. If you don't like being touched by a person you don't know, get a hug from a loved one. Such anxiety reducing benefits of touch have been widely studied and shown to be effective.

Many people have found great relief from anxiety through the practice of meditation. Meditation teaches you to relax and let go of worries that can cause you to feel anxious. Once you receive some distance from your worries then you can see that they really aren’t as unmanageable as you thought. Tens of thousands of people have discovered meditation to be one of the best of the natural remedies for anxiety available.

For those who would like to try it, they may want to visit a practitioner to bring them through a guided healing session such as the type offered through Reconnect Now. Psychic healing methods can work for those receptive to such methods and change, and people report leaving feeling refreshed after such sessions.

If you find the ideas of meditation or psychic healing are too boring or limiting, or feel that you cannot calm your mind enough to get into a meditative state, you might want to try hypnosis. While meditation and hypnosis are comparable, they aren't exactly the same. They both need the recipient to calm down to and maintain a calm state, but hypnosis is all about changing a behavior and ways of thinking. Trying self hypnosis for stress management is another way to help with anxiety. Though stress and anxiety are not exactly the same, stress can cause anxiety and anxiety attacks. Eliminating the root cause of anxiety will often help with the sudden onset of the sensation.

Lastly, you could try deep breathing. Breathing techniques have been shown to remove toxins, release tension, and ease pain. There are a number of health benefits to deep breathing, and it can be done without the need to meditate - sitting at your desk and realizing how much you breath can help loads!

Passion flower has been used to naturally treat anxiety.
Passion flower has been used to naturally treat anxiety.

Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Over the centuries, people have discovered that there are a host of plants and herbs that can be used to treat anxiety in people without the use of artificial drugs. Some of these herbs have mild calming effects and some have stronger abilities to combat anxiety. All herbs should be taken with caution and in consultation with your doctor.

Such herbs as kava, valerian, and passionflower have been shown to be strong natural remedies for anxiety. These herbs are available at many health food and supplement retailers. For many people who suffer from anxiety, these potent herbs have played a significant role in calming them and allowing them to engage fully in their lives. All these herbs have certain side effects that you should be aware of when using them as natural remedies for anxiety.

A few other herbs have a more mild effect on anxiety. Herbs such as chamomile and mint, often brewed as a soothing tea, have the ability to sooth tattered nerves. These herbs are generally safe for consistent consumption and can help you unwind after a long and stressful day.

Considering the range of natural remedies for anxiety that are available, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find one or more that would work for you. Treat your anxiety naturally and holistically. You will feel better, sleep better, and even find you have improved memory and attitude. In general, you will live better once you find help for your anxiety!

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