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VB6: Vegan Before Six Diet

Updated on June 3, 2014
The VB6 Diet is easy to follow and is proven to help you lose weight.
The VB6 Diet is easy to follow and is proven to help you lose weight. | Source

Mark Bittman, a New York food critic, is promoting a new diet that helped him lose and keep weight off for the past six years.

The idea is simple. Eat vegan before six. After six, when people typically go out with their friends and family, you are free to eat what you want to eat.

The idea behind this has some excited and some saying it is cheating and that if you want to go vegan, you should do it 24 hours a day.

While there will always be those that want to promote total veganism for better health and a better environment, what Bittman has discovered is a way to for the average person to eat healthier without feeling like they have to give up everything at once.

How The Idea Started

According to an interview with Huffington Post, Bittman went to his doctor and discovered that he was overweight and his cholesterol was too high.

His doctor suggested veganism.

However, Bittman, as a food critic, realized that a total vegan diet would basically kill his career.

Bittman also noted that he didn't feel like he wanted to be a vegan full time.

So setting up this idea of eating vegan until dinner encouraged him to get plenty of vegan, healthy options during the day and allowed him to splurge in the evenings.

Vegan options don't have to lack taste.  Pictured: whole wheat vegan wrap sandwich.
Vegan options don't have to lack taste. Pictured: whole wheat vegan wrap sandwich. | Source

Being Strict About It

Bittman and a fellow dieter were very strict about what they ate before six.

They made sure to eat no dairy, no refined wheat or rice and definitely no meats.

However, Bittman does note that he "cheats" a little by putting half and half in his coffee in the mornings or sometimes going out with friends and having a food that has white starches in it.

What he did notice was that over time, the pounds began to come off simply by making this very easy change.

Why Does It Work?

Basically, the diet works because the dieter is eating less calories during the day. Eating three or four pieces of fruit for a meal will still not equal the calories of a pancake and sausage breakfast.

Many people lack the discipline, will-power or even the desire to be vegan full time. It cuts off so many options and choices.

However, nearly everyone agrees that adding more fruits and vegetables to ones diet will make you healthier.

This diet combines the best of both worlds by not cutting you off from your favorite food options all the time but also increasing your intake of those good-for-you, natural foods.

To make the VB6 diet work, you need to carefully plan your breakfast and lunch and have your vegan options ready.
To make the VB6 diet work, you need to carefully plan your breakfast and lunch and have your vegan options ready. | Source

How To Get Started

One of the great things about this diet is it doesn't create the restrictive feeling that other diets do.

It gives you permission to have meat, a hamburger or a slice of pizza in the evenings without feeling guilty about it.

To get started, notice the table below of some basic foods to avoid before six and what kinds of foods vegans usually eat.

Vegan Food Options for the VB6 Diet

What To Avoid
What To Eat or Cook With
Soy Products
Canola or Olive Oil
Whole Grain Cereals and Breads
Processed Foods
Water, Tea
Here are some of the foods you should eat and ones you should avoid while eating vegan. Remember that many foods have these non-vegan foods as an ingredient so read labels.

Meal Ideas for VB6 Diets

Bittman noted that he also avoided starchy whites such as white rice, white bread, and potatoes.

Here’s some ideas for VB6 Breakfast and Lunch.

Suggestions for Vegan Meals


  • Fresh Berries
  • Banana
  • Grapefruit
  • Orange
  • Tablespoon of natural peanut butter spread on whole grain toast
  • Coffee or Tea


  • Vegan Salad (lettuce, vegetables, no cheese, no croutons) with balsamic dressing
  • Carrots and Celery and Hummus Dip
  • Sweet Potato
  • Fruit Salad
  • Melon slices
  • Tea, Green Tea, Water

Afternoon Snack

  • Banana
  • Handful of nuts
  • Peach

Adding Exercise

Bittman admitted that he did add running to his regiment but that he wasn't as committed to it in the winter.

As with any diet, adding some exercise will help the pounds to go away more quickly.

But you don't have to run to lose weight. Experts have shown that a brisk walk burns about the same calories as a slow jog.

You can also bike, swim or exercise to your favorite video. The key is to try to move a bit more than you used to.

Livestock are responsible for a large portion of the greenhouse gasses that pollute our environment.
Livestock are responsible for a large portion of the greenhouse gasses that pollute our environment. | Source

Even Part Time Veganism Better for the Environment

Besides the diet being better for your health, eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat is better for the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.

According to the Vegan Society, eating a plant-based diet helps to reduce carbon emissions.

In the United States, livestock production produces more carbon dioxide than the transportation industry and makes up about 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Raising livestock is also hard on resources since they require more food from their environment than they actually give back in meat and dairy products.

Growing food to feed farm animals also means that the particular land used is not being used for crops for human consumption.

It's Really As Simple As That

Other than eating vegan before six, there is no calorie counting, no guilt and no deprivation.

The idea is to make sure you eat plenty for breakfast and lunch--this is not a starvation diet. Look at it as a lifestyle change that gives you the best of both worlds.

It is not suggested that you load up on a tub of buttered popcorn at the movies or eat the whole extra large cheese pizza after six.

Eating vegan is fun and healthy.
Eating vegan is fun and healthy. | Source

But the VB6 diet will work best if you make sure that you are eating healthy over time but still enjoying food and fun when you are out with friends or out at a restaurant.

Bittman noted that, over time, he found himself naturally eating less after six.

If you teach your body to eat healthier during the day, the cravings for the processed foods, the fats and the meats will naturally decline.

This diet may also be good for those who are thinking about being vegan but aren't sure about the commitment or if they can really go through with it.

Feeling like you have options without breaking the rules may make this one of the more successful diets for losing weight and getting healthier.

Do you follow the VB6 diet?

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VB6 Diet


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    • LCDWriter profile imageAUTHOR

      L C David 

      7 years ago from Florida

      I do believe that it is a diet that can work and one that is not that hard to follow!

    • Sue Bailey profile image

      Susan Bailey 

      7 years ago from South Yorkshire, UK

      I might give this a try. It certainly looks healthy enough.

    • anagham profile image

      Anagha V Mahishi 

      7 years ago from Hubli, karnataka

      Thanks LCDWriter! That's very kind of you... won't have any problem as veganism is also all about nutrtion and being healthy.. thanks for your concern.. see you soon..

    • LCDWriter profile imageAUTHOR

      L C David 

      7 years ago from Florida

      This diet still gives you options for evening meals. I might suggest talking to a doctor though if you fight being underweight. I don't have that problem! Best of luck!

    • anagham profile image

      Anagha V Mahishi 

      7 years ago from Hubli, karnataka

      I'm very much interested in veganism. But never thought of practising it.. But this seems interesting.. will give it a try.. I'm not supposed to diet as I'm underweight for my age! But will surely give it a try...(thinking of this because being a vegan is in my bucket list) good hub!

    • LCDWriter profile imageAUTHOR

      L C David 

      7 years ago from Florida

      It really seems like one of those plans that even non-dieters can follow because you don't feel like you are penalized all the time! Plus, you are right. It definitely encourages you to eat healthier. Thanks for commenting!

    • LisaKoski profile image


      7 years ago from WA

      I've never heard of this before but it sounds like it's worth trying. My sister recently started the Virgin Diet and basically only eats organic now. She's been trying to get me to try it but I don't think I could commit to something like that. This sounds like a much better option for me. Although I wouldn't mind losing some weight, I'm much more interested in just eating healthier while still being able to eat some of my favorite, not so healthy foods at least every once in a while. Great hub and thanks for sharing!

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      This is very interesting and convincing too. I have a feeling that this will work. Very nice suggestions and worth trying. Because who doesn't want to lose those extra pounds!

      Thanks for sharing! Voted up!

    • LCDWriter profile imageAUTHOR

      L C David 

      7 years ago from Florida

      It depends one what kind of chocolate you get. MIlk chocolate--no. Dark chocolate sometimes is, you just have to check the ingredient list.

      Yes I have known people who lost a lot of weight on vegan diets.

      I like this approach because it gives you a focus and approach without having to skip a night at a nice restaurant or steakhouse. Although many of the nicer places have vegan options now.

      We would all probably be better off going vegan but I do like my treats now and then. I think this is a good first step.

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 

      7 years ago from Planet Earth

      I've not heard of this before, but I can see how it might work. Years ago, I was primarily vegan (I did eat milk products), and I never gained weight. Of course, that was also years ago (cough!). I added eggs to my diet, and immediately gained weight. Later I did add some fish and poultry, but I primarily eat non-meat foods. Chocolate is vegan, isn't it? Just asking!


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