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Vitamin D Kills Cancer

Updated on September 22, 2014

Do You Get Enough Sun

Modern medicine has discovered what ancient traditions have long held to be true. That sunlight is good for you. Very good.

An article written by Chris Woollams and contributed to by Dr Damian Downing states that:

* Vitamin D is an important factor in cancer prevention.

*Vitamin D activates the Immune System to work against rogue cells.

*Vitamin D has the ability to normalise and correct cancer cells.

and surprisingly it was found that skin cancer patients with melanoma had inadequate levels of vitamin D.

Research published in the Journal of Cell Biology November 17, 2008; 183(4):697-710 has shown that vitamin D can adjust almost everything in the cancer cell, from its genetic messaging to its cytoskeleton. It can switch genes on and off, and it can reduce cell division, and it can ‘calm’ the cancer cells so that they settle rather than spread. It seems vitamin D can actually return a cancer cell to a normal and healthy state. One pathway seems to control everything.

Pharmaceutical companies are working on a cancer cure that uses a synthetic form of Vitamin D called Asentar. The trial is in Phase III and the results are very promising.

So, I guess they'll find a way to package and market the Sun and then sell it to us at exorbitant prices.

People have always worshipped the Sun due to it's life giving health properties. No Sun = No Life. It is obvious that we need the sunlight.

The best way to activate Vitamin D in your body is to spend 10-15 mins in the sun each day with exposure to 40% of your skin.

So get out and enjoy the Sun daily for good health. Don't wait until the Pharmaceutical companies patent the Sun and try to take everything you own from you for something that is Natural and Free.


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