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Updated on December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Well 2011 is coming to a close and millions of people will wish it goodbye with their friends and family tomorrow evening. Many will be deciding their new years resolutions. Here is a little history on resolutions "It is said that the tradition of making New Year's Resolutions was started by early Babylonians. Their most resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment and begin the new year with a clean slate. Some people believe that New Years Resolutions were once promises made to the Gods, in the hope that the Gods would grant them some favor in return, such as a good harvest. It was also believed that breaking of New Year's resolution brought bad luck on the individual hence one was advised to be careful while making New Year's Resolution" (

Some people's resolutions will be to lose weight, exercise more, try new things, and take that new cooking class. Many will be setting out to achieve that big goal. Instead of many of these goals fluttering away throughout the year. I am going to encourage you to stick to your goals in the following ways:

  • Write down your goals and your plan of how to achieve it. Place it somewhere that you look everyday such as on the fridge.
  • Make a realistic and attainable goal.
  • Keep a journal of your progress.
  • Don't expect immediate results. Its all about the process.
  • You don't have to share your goal with the world. It is for you.

That is how I would go about achieving a goal. You have to believe in yourself and find the time and energy to devote to your goal. I really recommend writing everything down. This way while you may not have achieved your main goal quite yet you can look at how far you have come. While the process may give you some setbacks and disappointments you need to realize that breaking habits is very difficult. The typical time frame to break a habit is 90 days. So give yourself a break.

Here's to wishing you a beautiful and safe New Year tomorrow evening. Happy 2012!!


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