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Walkers for Those Who Have Mobility Problems or Physically Disabled

Updated on March 14, 2011

Walkers for Those Who Have Mobility Problems or Physically Disabled

Walkers for Those Who Have Mobility Problems or Physically Disabled. When I was still married, I used to take care of an elderly - my father in law who suffered stroke and was partially disabled from waist down and during those times, there were no advanced walker yet, all available mobility aids are not yet sold in most stores, so there is difficulty looking for those walkers who can be utilized to aid those who are physically disable so that they can move freely with little assistance specifically walking.

It was a challenge for me and I was glad we were able to find and buy a nice walker for him. He was partially stroke and he can walk but with limited distance, so aside from his routine exercise, a walker is very helpful. His wife -- my mother in law was also battling cancer then, so it was really a tough times for them, and for the entire family.

A walker is a useful machine for those who just suffered stroke etc., and who want to exercise as well.


courtesy of wikipedia
courtesy of wikipedia

Walkers for Those Who Have Mobility Problems or Physically Disabled

A walker aids a person with mobility problem by walking to and fro the bathroom, bedroom, TV room and outside the house when they walk through the garden and exposed themselves to the sun for Vitamin D.

What is a walker, walking frame or Zimmer frame ?

  • Overall a walker is a device for disabled or elderly people who have difficulty walking or being mobile and they need support for their balance and stability. Other term for the walker or walking frame is Zimmer frame -- a name from which a manufacturing company for the parts used in the walker.

Who can use the walker?

  • Aside from those who have difficulty walking, a person who is recovering from injury like back or leg and knee can use the walker
  • Al those who have balance walking problem specially those who suffered stroke and cant maintain balance when they walk
  • it is also available for children


  • its design -- it is usually consists of a frame within the waistline usually more than a ruler in height and then it is wider than the body frame of the user
  • Sometimes it contains wheels depending on the mobility of the user
  • The modern walker is now equip with adjustable height that is comfortable to the user in their knees and arms. It is also useful to use or glides on the back legs of a walker with wheels on the front side.

Walkers for Those Who Have Mobility Problems or Physically Disabled

Walkers for Those Who Have Mobility Problems or Physically Disabled

What is a A User Walker

A UserWalker, look at the video here, the video is a "presentation for therapists that demonstrates specific methods of using the U-Step to achieve maximum rehabilitation benefit for patients". You can see this at

Rollator or walker

wikipedia image
wikipedia image

Another Version of Walker

Another innovation to the walker is the Rollator or wheeled walker

There is another version of a modern walker which is also called rollator or wheeled walker, it is simply a walking frame with wheels on it.

  • The difference with the ordinary walker is that they have seats, and they also have adjustable heights and comes with a basket depending on your choice.
  • They are also made up of very light materials, and are more stronger than the ordinary walker, they as well provided a back where the person can put their backs to rest.
  • It has a "hand brakes which is mounted on the top of the frame that can be lifted or pushed downward to stop the wheeled walker at once. The brakes can also be used in maneuvering the rollator; when turning, the user can brake on the side being turned towards in order to achieve a tighter turning radius".



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      7 years ago


    • denden mangubat profile image

      denden mangubat 

      9 years ago from liloan, cebu, philippines

      now i know what are walkers.thanks for this info

    • rprcarz50 profile image


      9 years ago

      Good Day,

      Very informative Hub. There is so much to know about walkers.My mother recently had to get one hopefully just while recovering from surgery. You have studied the topic very well .

      Very good hub on this topic .

      Thank you!

      Ron As always also a2z50


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