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20 mistakes we all make when we want to lose weight

Updated on February 22, 2016

We all want to weight loss fast. But in our rush to have a perfect body, we can do more harm than good. Because weight loss may be toxic!

Women and men, we are all concerned about our bodies. So, we try all the diets that can make us lose weight, without having to think about the consequences. Even if we know that it is best that the diets are given by a qualified nutritionist, very few of us follow this advice.

Lose weight the smart way

The situation is even more alarming among adolescent girls. We live in the century of anorexic beauty, where everybody is obsessed to lose weigh. More and more teenagers and younger girls are concerned about their silhouette, because they take the examples they see on television or in glossy magazines. This is the first step towards anorexia and bulimia.

But, even if it doesn't get to the anorexia, the effects of a wrong diet can have long-term consequences. Some diets can cripple the body and shortly after you've finished them you can put back the weight. If you want to lose weight correctly, you need to follow the advice of a doctor, or a coach.

And, most importantly, before you start a diet, please inform yourself about the effects. If you have a teenage girl, give her the information, so you can help her make the right choice. If you have a friend who wants to lose weight, help him to lose weight correctly.

Weight loss advice
Weight loss advice | Source

Lose weight fast – a disaster for the body

A strict diet can help you lose weight fast. However, the consequences can be catastrophic for your body. Many of those who have chosen a strict diet, in a record time, had lost a few pounds for a short period of time. But, to their despair, after a short period, the weight was back and, furthermore, they ended up with an extra 2-3 kilograms.

There is nothing worse for the body than to get in a short time from 90 kg to 60 kg - how slimming products ads promise. Any highly strict diet that aims to help you get rid of 10 kilos in 10 days is clear that offers very little to the body. No vitamins, minerals or nutrients. In order to function properly, the body needs a certain number of calories. A regime that aims from the beginning a decrease by more than 600 calories a day will put the entire body in a stalemate, because it will not have enough fuel to operate. The ideal is to lose 1-1.5 kg/week.

Fatigue, daytime sleepiness, inability to carry out daily tasks and concentration difficulties are just some of the symptoms that occur when you have a strict diet. The starvation is not the solution to lose weight, but the distribution of nutrients in a timely manner.

Mistakes we make when we want to lose weight

No. 1

We don't have enough patience, jumping from one diet to another, without giving any chance to the original plan. A diet needs at least a month to prove its effectiveness.

No. 2

Lack of breakfast is one of the causes of fattening after a diet. Breakfast has to be the most consistent meal of the day, in order to have energy and to get rid of the feeling of hunger.

No. 3

A diet fails, most of the time, when it is poorly planned. The diet must be regarded as a unitary whole with an effective training program

No. 4

To eat too much when you really want to earn muscle mass is not a good idea, because sooner or later the large amount of calories will turn into fat.

No. 5

You want to lose weight and you’re not eating enough. The body doesn't distinguish between moderate reduction in the number of calories and starvation and hence will reduce the metabolic rate to combat the calorie deficit and loss of weight.

No. 6

Does anyone keep a record? It is necessary to run a log of the types and quantities of food and supplements consumed, and converting them into calories using a table of nutritional information.

No. 7

Don't choose a diet you find through all sorts of magazines, but rather use them as a guide. A diet is a matter of individual as each individual is unique.

No. 8

No alcohol while you’re on a diet. Alcohol brings a surplus of calories and the body metabolizes them into fat.

No. 9

Don't make big changes all at once. Leave the body to get used to the new diet.

No. 10

One of the most serious mistakes when you want to lose weight is insufficient consumption of water. Lack of water can create the sensation of hunger and lead to dehydration. Water is responsible for both detoxify the body and its functioning. Drinking water also increases the rate of burning calories. Losing weight by drinking cold water is super easy and the cheapest diet plan out there.

No. 11

Fruit juices from supermarkets. They contain a greater number of calories than fresh juices you prepare in your home. The fruit juices in supermarkets contain sugar. In addition, the juices are not a fiber source, because they do not contain the pulp of the fruit. Stay away from the energy drinks.

No. 12

Vegetables cooked in oil. Although vegetables have a low caloric content and contain no fat, most of the time they are prepared in a large amount of oil and, therefore, they become full with fat and calories. The best choice for a smart weight-loss is to have your vegetables steamed, grilled or in salads.

No. 13

No salads from fast food. They contain a large amount of sauce and sauces have a large caloric content. In addition, salads from fast food contain all sorts of toppings, rich in fat and calories fat cheese, croutons, bacon.

No. 14

Don’t you lick your fingers! Licking your fingers after "cleaning" of the dish, when your toddler does not finish the whole plate – these are small enemies that go unnoticed, but, in time, they slow down the weight-loss process.

No. 15

One dessert is OK! Sweet lust is the most common cause of failed weight-loss diets. Don't rule out the sweets, completely! Once a week, you can have a snack, but watch out for the quantity and quality!

No. 16

Don't jump on the scale every day! If you weigh yourself daily, you get to make an obsession. Daily weight fluctuations are normal - variations of water, tissues and the chemistry of body fluids. You can verify your weight progress every two weeks. A scale is very important to have in your home, even if you're not going to use it daily.

No. 17

Eat slowly! You will not lose weight if you eat quickly. Your brain needs 20 minutes to understand the signal "I’m full". So, eat slowly and chew each bite of at least 10 times.

No. 18

No too much coffee. The coffee helps you to lose weight. If you choose it without whipped cream and sweet syrups. But, if you drink coffee in large quantities, it can cause dehydration and can disrupt sleep – two things that affect your weight loss struggle.

No. 19

The diet is not enough. When you begin the weight loss program, the body tends to slow the burning process, to conserve energy. So, the exercises for weight loss and anti-cellulite treatments will help you to speed your metabolism. A weight-loss program includes all of these methods.

No. 20

Give yourself rewards! The brain needs rewards, to be able to continue the struggles with weight lose. At each monthly evaluation, when you reach a target, give yourself a little treat, a non-food-reward, like a massage, or a skirt. This will motivate you!


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